Skegness Film Star’s Future Foretold at Birth


Film star, Elizabeth Allen

Ninety-nine out of every hundred newspaper readers are very sceptical concerning the claims made on behalf of astrology, but on visiting the home of Dr. and Mrs. A. W. Allan, the proud parents of the young English film star, Elizabeth Allan—on a three weeks’ holiday from Hollywood, I came into contact with evidence which either must be accepted as definitely supporting Astrology or as being an amazing fluke.

During the early years of their married life, Dr. and Mrs. Allan enjoyed the personal friendship of a cultured lady, Miss E. H. Pagan, who had taken her M.A. degree at a Scottish University, and who became the headmistress of Skegness’s most important girls’ preparatory school, the Essendon High School.

This lady was a keen student of astrology and made a practice of casting the horoscopes of those personal friends who could provide exact information as to place, date, and time, of birth. She cast the horoscopes of the first five Allan babies without suggesting they were blessed with special good fortune other than being of Scotch descent. But when the sixth baby was born at 1.7 a.m. on April 9th, 1910, she went into ecstasies over the possibilities of its future.

“This little girl will far surpass her brothers and sisters” she declared after the christening ceremony. “I am sure she is going to make a name for herself and will become very prominent in the public eye.”

A few days ago I inspected a well-creased sheet of writing paper which declares that the child born at Skegness at the time mentioned will be of an enterprising and original type, indomitable character, quick intellect, inventive disposition, adoring affections, responsive sex-attitude, frank and oratorical speech, vigorous style. The delineation concludes: “She will be an acute experimentalist, devoted to science, very clever.”

The most vehement opponent of astrology who knows Miss Allan will have to accept the fact that the baby of 1910 today possesses all the quoted qualities: that she is “in the public eye”; and that she has far outstripped her two sisters and three brothers, in spite of the fact that two of the latter are very successful tea planters in India, in which country, singularly enough, the horoscope of every child is cast within a few minutes of birth.

Source: Skegness News 21st March 1934


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