Orient Colleges

Mr. J. Owen Thomas M.A.

Mr. J. Owen Thomas M.A.

Many of our readers, both in Skegness and further afield, will doubtless be interested to learn that Mr. Chas. F. Boyer, Principal of the Orient Colleges at Skegness, has transferred that section of his scholastic activities known as the Orient Preparatory School for Boys to Mr. J. Owen Thomas, M.A., whose photograph we reproduce left. The transfer takes place during the present month, and the new establishment, which will hitherto be known as “Orient Boys’ College,” will be carried on at ” Parkside,” Scarbrough avenue, Skegness. The school will not be altogether preparatory, and pupils will be received for tuition and coaching for various examinations in the professions which they desire to enter.

As will be readily gathered from the details which we append, Mr. J. O. Thomas is eminently fitted to take charge of the school which has for many years been carried on by Mr. Boyer and his family, and for which the need is greater today than ever before in the history of Skegness. He is the son of Rev. D. J. Thomas, O.B.E., M.A., J.P., who for more than 40 years has been a practical teacher and has taken a large share in the training of teachers and in the development of English primary education, and who was President of Education Committees in 1923, and is now one of its Vice-Presidents. The new Skegness headmaster was educated for seven years at Merchant Taylors’ School, London. He proceeded thence to Worcester College, Oxford, where he took his B.A. in 1917. His University career was interrupted by a period of war service. The M.A. Degree was conferred on him in 1922.

After leaving Oxford Mr. Thomas was appointed Assistant Master at St. Paul’s Preparatory School, Colet Court, West Kensington, and spent a number of very successful years there. He is 31 years of age, and his wife is a member of a well-known medical family. His elder brother is lecturer in Arabic in the Gordon College, Khartoum, Soudan, and his younger brother is a student at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, London.

In addition to teaching, of which he is very fond, Mr. Thomas has quite a number of other interests. He is a keen worker in oils, and a capable worker in wood, and he has written a number of articles which have been published in the Press.

A gentleman of high ideals, coupled with scholastic abilities above the average, we feel confident that Mr. Thomas will fully uphold the tradition and success which have been associated with the long regime of the Boyer family.


We would like to emphasise that the foregoing transfer does not in any way affect the College, which will be carried on exactly the same as previously and under the same management. The transfer applies solely to the Boys’ School at Skegness, which will be conducted wholly at Parkside. It may be added in connection with Orient Girls’ College that a considerable extension is shortly being made to “Harewood,” this comprising a large schoolroom, assembly hall, bedrooms, &c., with all modern conveniences, to meet the ever-growing demand for further accommodation.

Source: Skegness Standard 12th January 1927


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