North and South Bracings Named



At last Wednesday’s monthly meeting of the Skegness Council the Foreshore (So Bracing) Committee recommended that the two new walks be named, “Prince Charles Promenade” and “Hassall Promenade.”

Coun. Rowe said some gentleman had submitted the suggestion of “North and South Bracings.”It appeared to him that would be distinctive, and peculiar to the resort, and the more he thought about it the better he liked it. Coun Walthall said he was of a like opinion and seconded.

The Chairman said he received a suggestion from the Hotel and Boarding House Association suggesting that a member of the Royal Family should be asked to open them and, they should be named after the opener.

Coun. Wheatley said he was in favour of ” The Bracings ” but Coun. Denham thought something should happen regarding name Hassall.

Coun. Dutton opposing on grammatical grounds, said “bracings ” was not a noun and he favoured the considered, opinion of the committee.

“North Bracing” and “South Bracing” were adopted by a large majority.

Source: Skegness News 2nd March 1949


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