Butlin’s Llama Loose at Boston Train Station




“I HAVE handled a number of strange consignments,” said a railway official, in an interview with the “Standard” on Tuesday, shortly after a llama had escaped on to the platform of the passenger station at Boston, “including elephants and maddened cattle, but I have never before had a similar experience to this.”

The llama was being sent from Butlin’s amusement park to Felixstowe, and had to change trains at Boston. It was in a crate for the journey, and when it was transferred to the platform it broke the front out of the crate and came out on the platform. Foreman Spence and myself caught hold of it, one on each side, and led it to the parcels office while the crate was repaired. It was perfectly tractable and docile, and made no attempt to bite either of us.

“When the crate was repaired we had no difficulty in putting the llama back and sending it off to Spalding.

“There was a number of passengers on the platform, but they seemed more interested than nervous at the sudden appearance of the animal.

“I believe llamas are extremely fleet runners, so had it made any attempt to run away we should probably have had a hectic chase.”

Source: Skegness Standard 23rd June 1937


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