Horncastle Bonfire Bequest

George Jobson ” Remembrance

The memory of the late Mr. George Jobson was again revived on Guy Fawkes night, by the lighting of a huge bonfire. It will be well remembered that several eccentric bequests were contained in Mr. Jobson’s will, one of which was a bonfire celebration on Guy Fawkes night.

Last year, through the instrumentality of Mr. B. K. Kirkby and friends from the Lighthouse Spiritual Church, Skegness, the late Mr. Jobson’s desire was carried into effect, and it was again through the kindness of Mr. Kirkby and friends, that a bonfire in Mr. Jobson’s memory, was lighted on Tuesday night.

The materials for the fire were collected from a large area by Mr. Kirkby and his helpers, and about two thousand people assembled at the scene of the blaze, and enlivened the proceedings by displays of fireworks. The bonfire, was of large dimensions, lighting up the countryside. It was lighted at 7 p.m. by Mr. Jobson’s ” Triangle ” of spiritual , friends, Mr. B. K. Kirkby, Mr. Jackaman and Mrs. Singleton, with the mascot ” Buttons,” Master Ronnie Singleton.

As last year, a motor car was placed on top of the pile, and in it was seated Guy Fawkes, who quickly succumbed to the flames. Later the hymns ” Nearer my God to thee ” and ” When peace like a river ” were sung in memory of Mr. Jobson, and an address was given by Mr. Jackaman, after which cheers were given for the late Mr. Jobson, and Mr. Kirkby and his helpers.



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