Edwardian Cabinet Card JR Storr

We have secured the following Edwardian Cabinet Card of Mr John Rowland Storr, taken in Skegness by an unknown photographer, possibly around 1905.

Here is a zoom into the subject of the photograph. Mr Storr is on horseback, with an unknown man standing by, and two boys looking on in the background.

Mr Storr was a prominent citizen of Skegness, being manager of the Steam Boat Company, co-owned the Sands Tramway, and caused a sensation in the resort when he captured the Skegness Whale in 1887.

Mr John Rowland Storr, who was born in 1834 in Boston, Lincolnshire, married Martha Cocks in Spalding in 1863. The couple lived with their children in Boston where Mr Storr was working as a tailor. As the 1881 census records them still living in Boston, the family must have moved to Skegness as the resort was quickly gaining popularity between 1881 and 1891.

The 1891 census documents Mr John Rowland Storr as working as a Steam Boat Manager, living on North Parade Skegness with wife Martha and daughter Mary.

On the 1901 census, JR Storr was living at “Woodside” on Algitha Road.

He died in 1920, aged 85, and is buried in St Clement’s Church, Skegness, alongside his wife.


0 thoughts on “Edwardian Cabinet Card JR Storr

  1. As the Great Great Grandson of John R Storr on my mother’s side, I have found this information fascinating. Many thanks for adding it to your website.

    Dave Hawkridge

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