Jeweller’s Shop Drama


Jeweller’s Shop Incident

HEARING a crash from the shop next door to her seaside rock shop in Lumley Road, Skegness, a woman assistant went in and found jeweller’s shop manageress, Mrs. Sylvia Jefferies, of Cecil Avenue, Skegness, in a dazed condition with blood on, her face. The shop was in disorder.

It was 3.30 on a bright Monday afternoon and the pavements of Lumley Road near the jeweller’s shop — owned by Mr. R. Scott and near the Marine Hotel at the corner of Drummond Road — were crowded with shoppers and strollers. The woman rock-seller remembered that two men had just come out of the shop.

She ran outside and saw them walking down the road. Shouting ” Stop those men !” she began to run after them.

But the chase had already been started by Mr. John Robert Hay, licensee and manager of the Callow Park Hotel, Grand Parade.

He had just posted a letter in the pillar-box near the jeweller’s shop and saw two men come out of the shop. One of them was bleeding from a cut on his face, which made Mr. Hay suspicious.


“I glanced into the shop and saw the young lady was hurt and distressed,” Mr. Hay told the ” Standard. ” The lady from the rock-shop was attending to her so I went after the two men.

“They split up and ran. I followed the one who turned into Rutland Road and called out to a policeman who was standing near Beresford Avenue.

“‘He joined me and told me to go along Tower Gardens to cut the man off. But a few minutes later he came out of the Gardens with a man.”

An intensive police search was mounted for the second man and just over an hour later a man was detained in Briar Way.


Mrs. Jefferies, who has been in charge of the shop for five years for Mr. Scott, was taken to Skegness Hospital for treatment for facial injuries and shock. Later she was allowed to return home.

She is said to have told the police that two men who had called earlier in the day to look at watches had returned about 3.30 p.m. They had asked to see more watches, she said, then had grabbed some of them, attacked her and taken money from the till.

Mrs. Jefferies alleged that she had been kicked in the face in the struggle but had managed to strike one of them in the face.


A police spokesman told the Standard on Tuesday: ” Two men who were taken into custody yesterday have been returned to Harmston Hall Institution, near Lincoln.

“The possibility of proceedings being taken against them in connection with an alleged incident at a Jeweller’s shop in Lumley Road is under consideration by the Chief Constable.”

Harmston Hall is a mental institution.

Source: Skegness Standard 27th May 1959


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