Isolation Hospital Erected

An isolation hospital containing accommodation for twelve patients has been erected about three-quarters of a mile out of the town on the Wainfleet Road. The building was constructed by Messrs. Humphreys Limited, London, at a cost of about £400. At the same time the Council erected a caretaker’s lodge, mortuary, disinfecting chamber and wash-house at a cost of about £100.

The hospital is built of corrugated iron and wood and faces the south-east. It contains two wards, each 20ft. by 30ft. and each provides accommodation for six patients. The wards are ventilated on both sides and at the ridge. The building is heated by portable stoves fixed in the centre of the wards. There is a nurse’s room situated between the two wards, and there is also kitchen; scullery, two baths, and two W.C.’s within the building. The water is obtained from a well which gives an abundant supply and of good quality.

The building is well adapted for its intended purpose, and will enable infectious diseases to be promptly dealt with as they may arise, and thus fulfilling a very necessary want.

Source: Skegness Herald 17th October 1902


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