To Russia With Love – from Stiebel’s

Skegness product in Moscow

“MADE in Skegness” goods are to go on show in Moscow for the first time this year. They are samples of Terylene nets manufactured at the Skegness factory plant of Stiebel and Co. Ltd., Drummond Road, which have been selected for display at the British Trades Fair in Moscow in May when the Russians will be seeing this type of net as a window furnishing for the first time.

Stiebel, a Nottingham firm who are approaching 90th anniversary, will be facing strong competition from East and West Germany, Switzerland and Japan on this first export sortie behind the Iron Curtain.

But they will have a head start as far as quality is concerned for their Terylene can stand comparison with fibre products from any other part of the world.

Already Stiebel have proved their ability to compete in the international window net field in South Africa, Denmark, Switzerland, Northern and Southern Rhodesia and Eire. In Sweden they have been particularly successful with a range of nets specifically designed and produced for the Swedish market.

The normal British stock sizes of long nets and half-nets will be offered to potential Russian buyers with the proviso that, given reasonable quantities, any width can be supplied on demand. So it looks as though packages labelled ” To Russia ” may be leaving Skegness in the future.

Footnote : The Skegness factory was recently commissioned to manufacture a special drape with a Roman motif for the premiere of the film, ” Spartacus ” attended by Princess Margaret.

Source: Skegness Standard 15th February 1961


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