Mrs Randall in Her 100th Year

MRS Grace Randall entered her 100th year in Skegness Centenary Year when she celebrated her 99th birthday with a family reunion on Friday.
She was visited at her home, 35 King’s Avenue, Winthorpe, by her eldest son, Cyril, and his wife, from East Grinstead, Sussex, her grandson, Timothy, with a friend, from London, and her grand-daughter, Mrs Jennie Roberts, her husband, Richard and their daughter, Tracey, from Addlethorpe.
They had a special cake for tea and the room was decorated with birthday cards – including one, mistakenly, for a 100th birthday.
“It was nice to see them all,” said Mrs Randall. “I’m thankful I can move about the house.”
Mrs Randall had three sons, Cyril, Walter and the youngest, Jack, who, with his wife, lives in the same house. There are three grandchildren, four great grand-children and one great-great-grandchild.
She was born at the White Hart Hotel, Burgh, and moved to Skegness as a child when her father, Mr S. G. Randall, became licensee of Hildred’s Hotel. He was chairman of the urban council when the clock tower was built.
Her late husband, Mr George Hinley Randall, was twice chairman of the council. The couple ran a fruit and flower shop in Lumley Road, moving the business to Sleaford when trade declined in the first world war.
Note: This news story dates from 1977, and it appears that Grace Randall, born in 1878, DID reach her 100th birthday – in fact she died in 1981, which made her the grand age of 103!
I was somewhat confused by this article. It states Grace “moved to Skegness as a child when her father, Mr S. G. Randall, became licensee of Hildred’s Hotel”, when, in fact, Grace’s father was actually Mr Robert Taylor, publican at the Hildred’s Hotel. See the 1891 census below.
She married George Hinley Randall in 1900.
Another puzzle is that the story states that George Hinley Randall was twice Chairman of the Skegness urban District Council, when it was actually George’s father, Samuel who chaired twice. The first time was indeed in 1897 before the Clock Tower was built, and the second time in 1909. I have checked this out with the 1909 local newspaper, the Skegness Mablethorpe and Alford news.
Source: Skegness Standard 23rd September 1977

0 thoughts on “Mrs Randall in Her 100th Year

  1. I have unsuccessfully tried to trace the original article and whilst I recall this and as Grace Randall (nee Taylor)’s Grandson (Timothy Randall) was present on this occasion as the piece states I don’t remember noticing the glaring error before confusing her Father-in-law with her Father. Of course as Grandma Grace was born at the White Hart Burgh, where her Father Robert Robinson Taylor was Licensee it is correct in stating that they moved to Skegness during her childhood.
    Certainly her Father-in-law Samuel George Randall was Chairman of the Council on two occasions and her husband George Hinley Randall was also Chairman of the Council during his life but I believe only once
    I have a very interesting newspaper account of George Hinley Randall’s 21st Birthday Celebrations held in the Tower Gardens Pavilion in 1899.

  2. Thanks for that, moff44uk. I’ve just found another story about Grace which also states her husband was Chairman twice! Leave it with me and I’ll upload the ORIGINAL newspaper cuttings tomorrow, for comparison.

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