Skegness Dancer Hazel Sykes Hits Reveille Front Page

So disgruntled at the fact that the pin-up pictures on the front page of national weekly paper “Reveille” were always of foreign girls, Skegness mum, Mrs. Edith Sykes, sent the paper a picture of her dancer daughter, and i t was her all-British beauty who hit the front page three weeks ago !

Captioned “Hazel is so Bracing, just like they say in Skegness; where Reveille reader Hazel Sykes, of 16 Maurice Gardens, comes from. The photograph of this 19-year-old professional dancer earned Hazel over £10 — and Skegness a splash of free publicity.
It was several months ago when Mrs. Edith Sykes of 16 Morris Gardens, and daughter Hazel wrote off to ” Reveille.” They’d almost given up hope when a letter arrived one morning saying that they would be pleased to photograph Hazel for the paper.
And so, all expenses paid, Hazel Sykes — 36-24-36 — went to London, and for three hours posed for photographs in the  Reveille” studios.
Hazel, who is a former pupil of the Skegness Morris Secondary School, is an attractive 5ft. 8in. high dancer.
Like her 22-year-old sister Noreen, who is currently touring Spain with a modern ballet troupe, Hazel declared her interest in dancing at a very early age. At three-and-a-half she won the Skegness talent contest Discovery Time and danced her first solo at the Arcadia Theatre.
At 12, while still a pupil with the Crane School of Dancing (now Janice Sutton‘s) she was voted ” Personality of the Year ” at London’s Scala Theatre and before turning professional. Hazel did a couple of seasons at the Derbyshire Miners’ Welfare Holiday Centre Theatre.
Said her mother on Thursday morning as she glanced across at her auburn-haired, hazel-eyed (hence her name) daughter: “For a Iong time she wanted to teach dancing. Then, one night at 11 o’clock, she shouted downstairs ‘Mummy, I want to go on the stage,’ and she did just that.”
Hazel’s first professional engagement was a two-year tour of Scotland with the Johnny Victory Show.
Hazel says one of the hazards of being a dancer is the ” stage-door Johnnies.” These are the characters who wait for the girls backstage after the shows are over and ask to take them out. “But we just have to ignore them,” she laughed.
Last summer, both Hazel and Noreen did a summer season at Butlin’s Holiday Camp at Pwllheli, Wales. Afterwards, the two sisters parted when Noreen joined the French Can-Can outfit touring Spain. Hazel went into pantomime in Swansea where the top-of-the-bill was pop singer, Vince Eager.
She has been at home in Skegness now for some 10 weeks, but in a fortnight’s time leaves for the Isle of Man, where she will be doing a summer variety show.
” I like it all,” says Hazel, “because you can have a lot of fun, meet a lot of different people, and have a load of laughs.”

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