Big Gun Testing Range

1906_1907_SH 003

Source: Skegness Herald 26th January 1906


One of the most interesting features near Skegness will be the big gun testing range at Gibraltar Point.

Arrangements are practically completed for carrying out this very important scheme by which the amalgamated firms (which include Cammell Laird & Co., of Birkenhead and Sir John Brown and Co., of Sheffield), secure the lease of about ten miles of foreshore between Frieston and Gibraltar Point from the Board of Trade for the purpose of testing guns from the largest to the smallest calibre.

It is said that this range will equal, if it does not excel, the famous Krupp range wall which that firm has been able to gain advantage over our British ordnance makers in completing for orders of foreign Governments.

Testing will be carried on chiefly with ordnance of smaller calibre and with armour-plate but when the big guns are being tried precautions will be taken to guard the shipping in the navigable entrances of Boston Deeps.

A shot from the biggest guns that will be tested will cost £200.

Source: Skegness Herald 18th May 1906


0 thoughts on “Big Gun Testing Range

  1. This must be the begining of a long legacy of weapons testing and training between Freiston Shore and Gib Point. shows that some facilities may well have been in place at Freiston Shore very early on. Interesting stuff (for a WW2 archaeologist!)

  2. Certainly is, Ian, There’s a story on here about when it was subsequently demolished, a few decades hence.

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