Spirit Typewriter Automatic Writing

Considerable interest has been aroused among people, some of whom normally have no penchant whatever towards psychic science, by the statements of Mr. Kirkby, of Skegness, who by means of his “Reflectograph,” claims to be able to receive messages from those who have “passed over.” Described by critics as a “spirit typewriter,” it is stated to work on very similar lines to the more mundane type of writing machine.

Above we reproduce a photograph of’ the section of the “Reflectograph” (over fire-place), on which appear the messages reputed to come from the sprit world. The “star” is seen in the extreme top left corner, and there is a division for each letter of the alphabet, “Yes,” “No,” and “Stop.” The Royal Arms appear above. On the right of the picture is a photo of the late Mr. George Jobson, of Horncastle, whose “spirit” is claimed to have directed the construction of the machine.


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