Lady Serena Lumley 21st Birthday Presentation


Advantage was taken by the tenants of Earl Scarbrough last Thursday, on the occasion of the visit of His Lordship and his only daughter, Lady Serena Lumley, to make a coming-of-age present to the latter young lady, who attained her majority in March last.
The ceremony took place in the Drawing-Room at the Old Hall, following the opening of the New Memorial Ward of the Skegness and District Cottage Hospital.

Mr Jno Green, J P, said he had been asked to make the presentation in the absence of Mr. C F Grantham. He said that a coming-of-age was an event to which all looked forward, and Lady Serena had no doubt felt as proud as most others on celebrating her majority. The tenants of the estate wished to make her a small gift, not simply as a memento, but also as testifying the good feeling which existed between them and their landlord. He personally was a tenant of upwards of 40 years and had experienced most pleasant relations. Not only the farmer tenants but the allotment holders, and also the Rev. William Disney, Messrs Tong and Foster, had subscribed to the gift, 23 years ago he had the honour of making a presentation of a wedding gift to the Earl and Countess of Scarbrough, Lady Serena when a little girl, had spent some time at Skegness and no doubt the bracing air was partly responsible for the beautiful and charming young lady she had grown up to be. He had the greatest pleasure in handing her the cake basket, and on behalf of all who had subscribed, sincerely wishing her many happy returns of her natal day and that her life might be filled with joy and peace. (Applause).
The gift took the form of a cake-basket and bore the inscription:
Presented to Lady Serena Lumley by the Tenants of the Skegness Estate on the occasion of her 21st birthday”.

Lady Serena said she thanked them all, very much for their kind and generous gift, and for all the good wishes which accompanied it. The present had come as a great surprise. She appreciated it very highly indeed, and, would naturally always regard it as a token of the good wishes and kindly feelings of the Skegness friends by whom it had been given. She wished she could spend more time at Skegness because she always enjoyed her visits to the resort and felt so well when staying there, in fact she really loved it. Once again she thanked them for the lovely gift. (Applause).

Earl Scarbrough said he had promised his daughter that there should be no formality, as speechmaking seemed to terrify her as it did most people, (Laughter). But he felt he could not let the  occasion pass without expressing on his own and Lady Scarbrough’s behalf, their appreciation of the gift to their daughter. He knew a kindly feeling did exist between them and he should do all he could to foster it. He especially appreciated the fact that the allotment holders had associated themselves with the gift.
Lady Serena then presented each of the tenants present with an autographed studio photograph of herself.

Note: How lovely it would be if one of these signed photographs of Lady Serena Lumley still exists! Do YOU know of one?


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