Bateman Golden Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. F. Bateman, who are well-known in Wainfleet and whose photograph we reproduce below, celebrated their golden wedding on Monday, having been married at Berbice, British Guiana, in 1876.
Mr. Bateman was manager for the Sugar Estates in Demerara for the father of  Sir Douglas Hogg, the present  Attornoy General, from 1849 to 1897 and after returning to England was Postmaster of Wainfleet for over 24 years, a position he retired from three years ago. He has since lived with the youngest daughter at Lincoln, where the happy event was celebrated.
Mr. and Mrs. Bateman were the recipients of numerous congratulations. Sir Douglas Hogg joining in with his warmest wishes.
Although having spent so many years in the tropics Mr. Bateman carries his 80 years wonderfully well and Mrs. Bateman, five years younger, is hale and hearty as ever.

More information:

Mr Frances Bateman was born in 1846 in Friskney, Lincolnshire. His wife’s name was Sylvia and she was born in Demerara, British Guiana. The couple stayed in British Guiana, there being several children born to them, moving back to England (Wainfleet) around 1889.

Bateman Family History


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