Sea View Roller Rink Opens

Amusements in Skegness advanced a rapid stride in 1910, when the much-talked-of Sea View Roller Rink opened with a brilliant display. That it will be one of the chief factors in the entertainments of the town is practically an assured thing, and the provision which is being made both for skaters and spectators, show that Skegness will not be behind the times in this popular pastime. It is evident that the popularity of Skegness as a holiday resort will be materially enhanced now that it can compete with any seaside rinking town, and there is no doubt that large rinking crowds will visit here who would have gone elsewhere had not the facilities been offered. We were given some idea of the up-to-date style in which the rink is constructed and can assure all devotees of the pastime that everything is on 20th century methods.

sea view roller rink 1910

An excellent band in military uniform paraded the streets, preceded by a smart staff of assistants and attendants bearing a banner with the announcement that : ” The Sea View Roller Skating is Invigorating, Exhilarating and Fascinating.” Messrs. Lawrence and Bircumshaw, the managing directors, attired in appropriate summer apparel, were also present, and seated to the fore of the hand was Miss Winnie Holdsworth, the lady amateur champion skater of Great Britain, and Miss Lawrence whose courteous manner in the management of the Rink Cafe was approved of later.

No charge was made for the opening session in the afternoon, and all who could possibly manage it seemed to have accepted the invitation sent out by the directors. At 3 p.m. the promenade was packed with spectators watching the graceful (and otherwise) movements of a jolly crowd of al-fresco skaters. It was an ideal day, and the happy gathering gliding around on the perfect surface to the strains of the band, made, with the artistic decorations, one of the prettiest sights imaginable.

The programme comprised two-steps, gavottes, waltzes, etc., by the band, and a splendid exhibition of skating by Miss Holdsworth. That she is a perfect exponent of the art no-one will dispute. Although she was not able to display her abilities to the best advantage, on account of the floor not being completed, yet her style and grace were unapproachable. The band concluded with ” The Visions of Salome,” a charming waltz, and when the session closed with the National Anthem all seemed loth to quit.
The management of the rink is under the personal supervision of Messrs. Lawrence and Bircumshaw, and patrons can rest assured that every effort will be made to ensure their comfort. All particulars relating to admission, etc., may be gathered from the advertisement in another column.

What a grand affair the opening of the Sea View Roller Rinks appeared to be! We can’t turn back time to relive it, but what we CAN do is listen to the Vision of Salome in the video below, close our eyes, and – imagine Winnie skating to it!

sea view roller rink 1910 advert


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