Lion Cub Christening

MRS. MARTIN-SIMPSON Skegness’ grand old lady recently figured in a novel scene at Poplar Farm, Burgh. She christened a 14-day-old lion cub, and gave it the name of “Martin.”
The cub was born at “Captain” Freddie Rye’s private zoo at Burgh. Its father, Freddie, achieved wide publicity last year by mauling the late Rev. Harold Davidson, ex-Rector of Stiffkey. The mother is Vixen, described by the owner as “untamable.”
Vixen refused to have anything to do with Martin, who is being reared by a greyhound bitch. We understand that the cub will shortly be exhibited at Skegness. In our picture it is being held by Shirley Butlin, daughter of Mr. W. E. Butlin, the amusement magnate. Behind her is Betty Rye, whose 10th birthday coincided with the christening.


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