Jolly Fisherman Charity Ladder Climb

THE SKEGNESS Jolly Fisherman who long ago climbed the ladder of fame as the pictorial symbol of the most “so bracing” resort in the country has commenced to climb another ladder.
By the courtesy of the Skegness Council he and his ladder are installed on the beach between Butlin’s Amusement Park and Skegness Pier, where he hangs on to the ladder with one hand and in the other holds out a bag inscribed with the figure at which the Skegness Cottage Hospital authorities aim to carry out the much-needed extensions to the institutions – £15,000.
Already our genial old friend is getting interestingly near the £5,000 mark, and the higher he gets the happier he will be.
This striking form of appeal was devised by the Working Men’s Committee of the Hospital.
Our photograph was taken by Mr. Bert Crawshaw, youngest son of Coun. J. Crawshaw, J.P.. and Mrs. Crawshaw.


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