First Electric Light in Skegness

Mr. J. H. Canning, builder, had just installed an electric lighting plant, in May 1904 – consisting of gas engine, dynamo etc into his house and premises on the Roman Bank.

The engine and dynamo were made by Messers. Tangye of Birmingham and supplied by Mr H. Page engineer, Parliament street, Nottingham.

The engine was a three-horse power one and had the power to drive twenty-one 16-candle power lamps, and two arc lamps of 1000 candle power each. One of the latter was to be placed in front of the shop which is occupied by Mr Wholey, grocer, and the other at the corner of the building, so that it could be seen on the Roman Bank,  Scarbrough Avenue and Grosvenor Road, and in fact a considerable distance.

Mrs. Richardson, of the Elms, Scarbrough Avenue had the honour of turning on this the first switch for electric lighting in Skegness.

Source: Skegness Herald 25th May 1904


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