Skegness Soldier Designs WW1 Christmas Card

We have just seen a splendid Christmas card designed by Sapper A. W. Porter, of the Royal Engineers, only son of Mr. and Mrs. A. T. M. Porter, Ida Road, Skegness.

The card has been designed for the Scottish Division in France, to which the artist is attached, and the whole of the work has been executed close to the firing line and under continuous shell fire.

It is a folding card of about 6 inches by 4 inches, and on the front page is a garland of holly around which is entwined a ribbon upon which the following names are inscribed, Festubert, Loos, Ypres, Armentieres, Somme, Vimy Arras, the engagements in which the Division has taken part.

In the centre of the garland is depicted a thistle, the national emblem of the Scotties. “Greetings ‘ is written across the top, and ” Christmas and New Year” along the bottom of the card, whilst little sprigs of holly and berries are depicted in gold.

On the inside is a drawing of the Scots in action in an advance with fixed bayonets, whilst overhead is seen the bursting of shells. There are crests of the fourteen regiments in the Division placed upon a groundwork of interwoven thistles and holly and underneath is a scroll upon which the years 1917-1918 is placed.

The artist’s name Sap. A. W. Porter, R.E., is just discernible, by the aid of a magnifying glass, typical of his quiet and unassuming manner. Printed in three colours embellished with gold it is a beautiful design and we congratulated Sapper Porter upon the card. We understand the artist was the recipient of a cigarette case presented to him by, the General of the Division.

Source: Skegness Mablethorpe and Alford News 12th December 1917

Note: Sap. Porter was the son of the headmaster of the National School, Roman Bank, Skegness. He also designed Skegness advertising posters for the Council. We would love to see one of these Christmas cards depicted in the news story, wouldn’t you?

Update: Thanks to John Porter for indicating where we can see the Christmas Card his great-grandfather, Sap Porter, designed. Click here


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