Freak Whirlwind Destroys Nottingham Poor Girls' Home

In 1908 a freak whirlwind flattened the Nottingham Poor Girls’ Home in Brunswick Drive, Skegness, when the building of it was almost finished.

It was rebuilt and served its original purpose for many years. Now it has been converted into an annexe for the infants’ school in Cavendish Road.

Here is the old newspaper article:

Disaster at Skegness
At Skegness, great damage was done to the Home of the Nottingham Poor Girls’ Camp Society, on Brunswick Drive, which was nearing the stage of completion.
The southern wing (the sleeping portion) was reduced to a complete wreck, and it is estimated that damage to the extent of £250 has been sustained.
Both the western and eastern walls of the southern wing were completely blown over, the slated roof being literally hurled several feet by the force of the gale.
Some slaters who were working on the roof luckily took shelter, and thus escaped accident.

Source: Skegness Herald 28th February 1908



More about the Nottingham Poor Girls’ Home in Skegness.


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