Homeless People – Raising Awareness

homeless-peopleA Project Worker at a Salvation Army homeless hostel in Skegness,  and six other colleagues are going to sleep rough on the streets on Saturday night 30th Jan from 8pm – 8am this is to raise awareness of the homeless in the Skegness area we turn away hundreds of people a month because shortage of beds. It is also Homelessness Sunday on the 31st Jan.

The group are also raising money by sponsors for our charity The Hope Volunteer Group which was set up by the staff and residents of the hostel. The Hope charity help old and vulnerable people in the skegness area with the likes of decorating, gardening, or moving house to name a few things, since its launch in 2009 it has become very popular with the local residents and even the local housing association who ask for our help for disadvantaged families.

The Hope Volunteer Group gets the residents back into the community, which increases their self esteem after living on the streets for years. The group does not get any funding,  having to rely on fundraising and donations. More tools and equipment are desperately needed for them to continue their work.

If anyone would like to donate please telephone 01754 899151.



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