New Skating Rink Central Hall

The Central Hall, presently the Bingo Hall on Roman Bank, Skegness, turned into a skating rink in 1931 in response to the roller-skating boom which had hit the seaside town.

The enterprise was masterminded by Skegness’ “rock king”, Mr A Haywood.

The hall was divided into two floors, the lower of which had been extended by the removal of the stage. The upper floor was designed to be used as a billiard hall but plans were in place to use it as a secondary skating rink if the main floor became too busy.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Chairman of the Skegness Council, Mr Fred Cooper JP and Count Councillor George G Dunkley, Skegness’ representative on the Lindsey County Council. Witnessing the ceremony was a large crowd of skaters who were all eager to take to the floor.

The VIPs, together with Mr and Mrs Haywood and others were photographed, the Skegness Town Band forming the background.

A display was put on by professional roller skaters, and the Town Band, led by Bandmaster Wilfred Keyworth, played during a very busy evening.


Source: Lincolnshire Echo – Saturday 21 November 1931


2 thoughts on “New Skating Rink Central Hall

  1. The central hall, as far I know was never a skating rink, it open as the central halls for dancing along with other events before being converted into the Central cinema opening in 1922 until closing in the late 1960`s or early 1970. Today it remains open on full-time bingo.

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