New Bells Leisure Complex Skegness Seafront

Update – giant glass window panes installed – video

Update – crane dismantled video, photos below

Well, after the Great Fire of Skegness back in August of 2007, which burned down the Parade Complex on Grand Parade, Skegness, the new building which has replaced Lucky Strike Amusement Arcade is almost finished.

The lower two floors of the new building, owned by Skegness businessman Brian Bell, are expected to be opened to the public by the commencement of the six-weeks holidays in July. It is thought that the new leisure centre will incorporate amusements, bowling alleys and refreshment areas. The building is very imposing, in a prime location of the seafront, seeming to dwarf the Embassy Centre on the opposite side of Grand Parade. We were worried at first, by the vast expanse of white ‘concrete’, but as work has progressed, it’s definately growing on us! Love it or hate it, at least something positive is being done on this part of the former fire site!

One thing is sure, the erection of this new part of Skegness is a very important part of Skegness’ history, and for that reason, we have closely followed each stage of its developement over the last few months, both in pictures and on video.

The first video records the laying of the foundation girders and early stages of development. We will be adding more videos documenting the progress in due course.

Photographs showing the stages of development.

Crane Dismantled Video and Photos

Monday, 1st June, 2009 – the massive crane was removed from the building site today. Work began around 4 o’clock in the morning and by 9am, the horizontal arms of the crane were down to ground level. We were there bright and early to capture on video the second arm being lowered.

Photographs of the crane being dismantled

Energy Conservation Glass Windows Go In

Workmen began installing the glass windows to the frontage of the new building today, 23rd June, 2009. The special tinted glass is about an inch or so thick, and is designed to be energy efficient, letting the sun’s light in but preventing any escape of heat. We videoed one of the panes as it was being secured to the spider crane and lifted up into place.

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