Underground Military Base

As we embarked on our trail around the nature reserve at Gibraltar Point, which is about three miles from Skegness, a passing walker pointed out on the map where we might find specimens. He pointed out the site of a rail track which was used to transport ammunition and shells. The walker added that there were also tank blockers, steel rods about eight to ten feet tall, on the reserve, although he supposed that they wouldn’t have been very effective.

He commented on the World War 2 relic which is just inside the main gate to the reserve. This relic is plotted as a red dot on map B

The walker recalled that there used to be a small wind turbine mounted on this concrete base. It was roughly twenty feet high and was said to pump water from a well underneath; he admitted that it seemed rather strange. Where would the well pump water to? The site is merely a few hundred yards from the sea! Sandy terain! A well? A fresh water well? in such a saline environment? There are no houses or abodes there-it’s just sand dunes and sea! So was it a well, or was it a disguise for an underground military base?
The walker added that the turbine was taken down in the late 1940s as it was badly corroded. 

Roan Curtis, the presenter in the video, has lived in Skegness since he was a small child and has explored the nature reserve over many years. 

In the past he has dug down in the centre of the concrete base and found a metal grating which appeared to open only from the inside. He suggests that the wind turbine was a decoy and the evidence points to the construction having been an underground military base. Let us remind ouselves also that this stretch of coastline is particularly rich in World War 2 relics.

World War Relics Trail Top Level Page

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