Second World War Pillbox

Another excellent example of a pillbox was discovered at Gibraltar Point, three miles south of Skegness. Its location is plotted as a yellow dot on
map B.

The style of the building is the same as Pillbox 1.Roan points out a hole in the eastern face. This may be a bullet hole.He draws attention to what may be another bullet hole on the inside back wall of the pillbox, directly inline with the eastern (sea-facing) window.
(There is an outtake of this piece of footage which I have purposely left intact as it’s rather amusing-watch out for it as you view the video!)

The tiny entrance to the pillbox is on the northern side.

Consult the diagram below, ignoring the letters, now for a rough illustration of the layout of the interior. From the diagram, we can see that the entrance leads into an interior passage that bends round on itself before entering the main chamber of the pillbox.

There is a window in the interior wall.

Steve is simulating the sniper soldier as he would have been posted at this window to cover enemy intruders.

Steve retains the same position as we move into the main chamber.

We move the camcorder to this window and can see Roan simulating the enemy as he turns the first corner on entering the pillbox. The sniper would have shot the intruder immediately, proving this design of pillbox to be very effective.

Now in the main chamber, Steve demonstrates how the soldiers would have been positioned for firing at the enemy from the northern window. He explains that the soldier would have rested the magazine of his gun in the ridge in the concrete window base.

Roan previously mentioned that there was a hole in the interior wall directly in line with the sea-facing window. A photo of it appears left.
It has been conjected that this may be a bullet hole.

Shot showing the doorway out of the pillbox. It is around two and a half feet wide and perhaps two feet high. The entrances were designed to be small in order to make it more difficult for the enemy to penetrate the pillbox.

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