Skegness Derbyshire Childrens Holiday Home Official Reopening

Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre

Re-opens in Skegness

news story date 11th April 2006

The Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre re-opened in Skegness today after a £80,000 refurbishment.
Skegness Video went along to capture the grand occasion.

The ceremony was introduced by the organizer, who firstly invited the Mayor of Skegness, Councilor Brian O’Connor to say a few words.

The Mayor of Skegness (above) told us that the Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre first opened in 1891 when children, often from under-privileged families, came from Derby by train. He said that one could only imagine the sunshine that this holiday in Skegness put in their lives. The Mayor said that the refurbishment had cost £80,000, and thanked everyone concerned for their efforts. He added that the Holiday Centre had forged a definite bond between Skegness and Derby.
The Mayor of Skegness then invited the Mayor of Derby to offer a few words…

The Mayor of Derby, Coun Roy Webb, offered several amusing anecdotes. He ended his speech by saying that the £80,000 was the cost of materials and services, the labours was provided free by Derby Homes Ltd., whom he thanked for all their efforts.
The current residents of the Holiday Centre were then introduced.

After giving us a (rather loud) cheer, they went on to do a very important job…

The above photo is of octogenarians Ken Hembury, 87 and Mable Baggulay,88. The couple attended the Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Center in the 1920s. The were the VIPs of the day, being invited to cut the ribbon to officially open the Centre!

Children presently staying at the Holiday Centre presented bouquets of flowers to Ken and Mable whilst the Mayor and Mayoress of Skegness looked on. (below)

Then came the time for Mable and Ken to cut the ceremonial ribbon… a 3-2-1 countdown by the Skegness Mayor and…

…the Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre was declared well and truly open!
Cheers and applause rang out from the spectators…

May the Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre continue for a furthur hundred and fifteen years!


Company gives boost to holiday centre for disadvantaged children

A DERBY company has become the first to sponsor a bedroom at a centre that provides holidays for disadvantaged youngsters.

Earlier this month, the Derby Telegraph revealed that the Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre in Skegness was facing financial problems because of the credit crunch.

Every year the centre takes 450 seven to 13-year-olds from less-privileged Derbyshire homes to Skegness, where they are treated to days out, sports and activities at the seaside.

But donations in the first few months of the year have been halved and the charity’s board is concerned that if the trend continues it could be forced to mothball the centre next year.

Now staff at Robinsons Solicitors have handed over a cheque for £2,066, which will pay for half a dozen week-long breaks at the Lincolnshire resort.
Click here!

The money will see the firm sponsor a six-bed room during the summer.

It will pay for the transport, food, admission charges, care, food and lodging of the children who will stay there on a holiday they would otherwise not be able to enjoy.

Staff at Robinsons nominated the centre as their chosen charity for 2008 and collected the money by selling off computer equipment as it was replaced and making donations instead of sending cards at Christmas.

Neil Barnes, managing partner at Robinsons, said: “This is the biggest charity donation Robinsons has ever made, which goes to show the high regard everyone has for the Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre.

“It is a fantastic charity which serves a simple, yet worthwhile, cause – the need to give every child the opportunity to have fun at the seaside.

“We hope that the six youngsters have a holiday to remember and wish the centre every success in raising enough money to allow it to reopen next year.”

Following the Telegraph’s article, donations have started to come in and charity chairman Bill Tomlinson is delighted.

He said: “Raising public awareness has helped tremendously.

“But we still want to try to find people or companies who are willing to commit themselves to long-term sponsorship.

“The centre, which costs £150,000 a year to run, needs the reassurance that it will be viable year after year and that can only be gained by regular funding.”

The centre has been running for 118 years and is entirely dependent on donations.

Mr Tomlinson said: “We have a long way to go in terms of preserving this year’s programme and raising enough money to open in 2010 but this is a substantial donation which will send us on our way.”

For more information about donations contact Mr Tomlinson on 07778 394415.

Photo: Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre Scarbrough Avenue Skegness.


0 thoughts on “Skegness Derbyshire Childrens Holiday Home Official Reopening

  1. I do not doubt that this is a noble charity with good intentions which benefits many “GENUINE”children in need of a holiday.
    However,a couple of years ago I became aware of a neighbour who is on every benefit going in Derby who had just come back from
    3 weeks in Tenerife with their two kids.A couple of days after they arrived back the son aged 10 was picked up and taken to this seaside home for a week or so,when he came back the daughter aged 12 was picked up and taken for a similar period.
    The kids in question are some of the most avaricious and materialistic I have come across.Upon returning I asked them about their recent travels and they said that Tenerife was boring with nothing to do and Skegness seaside holiday home was
    a dump and like an old peoples home.I rest my case on that one!!.
    I have supported this cause over the years and hence I was somewhat furious at the apparent abuse and attitude,so I contacted both the home and the then trustee(name escapes me).
    Neither party seemed remotely interested in what I had to say and simply passed the buck,saying they have no control over who is sent or why and indeed were quite rude making me sound like a villain for having the audacity to ring up.Needless to say I ceased all support for them and advised others also.
    I hope it continues for the sake of “genuine”children in need of a holiday but more stringent checks need to be made as some parents are living the life of Riley whilst palming their ungrateful greedy litte dears off onto this charity.

  2. Well said, Dave, I totally agree with you. I’ll just add that the holiday centre is far from being a “dump”, particularly now renovations have recently taken place.

  3. i went 2 the home when i was a child we me sister and cousin i would like 2 no how i would b able 2 get my sons there 4 a holiday thanks
    miss sue whittaker

  4. i went to the center atleast twice as a child nd loved every minit of it. it was so much fun both my brothers went and they enjoyed it to i am now 26 and have 2 children of my own my oldest son is curently there this week and i carnt wate for him to come home and tell me how much fun he has had and i am hopeing that my youngest son get to go wen he turns 8 as the best memorys i have are from the center i hope that the center is still hear many years frm now as many children will benefit frm the time spent there i no i did and if i could i would do it all again

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