Perrin Family History Skegness

Perrin Family

The Perrins are an established family in the Skegness area and are renown for their connections with the Skegness lifeboat.

A work colleague of mine declared that she was connected to the Perrin family but wasn’t sure exactly how. She told me that her grandfather was called Wilfred Stanley Perrin and he was born in 1905 in Plymouth. She produced the picture below which her mother found at home amongst some old papers. The image appeared in a local newspaper in 1986, the photograph being loaned to the newspaper by Mr Henry Wilkinson.

noahs ark perrin family skegness


We have reason to believe that the father of Wilfred Stanley is one of the children of the couple pictured above in Noah’s Ark Hotel, possibly George or Wilfred. The birth certificate has been ordered and is due on 26th April 2006.
My colleague also showed me the names on a family grave in St Clements Church Skegness. Wilfred Perrin died 1944 age 64 and wife Beatrice Charlotte died 1953 age 69. From this, we know that this Wilfred was born in 1880. James and Harriet’s son?
A local newspaper in 1948 reported that George Perrin was coxwain of Skegness Lifeboat for 15 years and a member of the crew for 35 years, succeeded by hisson Wilferd Perrin. Wilfred Stanley? Let’s wait for the birth certificate!UPDATE!
28th April – Wilfred Stanley Perrin’s birth certificate has arrived.
So his father is confirmed as Wilfred and mother Beatrice (nee Lang).
We can now conject that Wilfred Snr is the son of James Perrin (see below) and consequently George’s brother.

The tree will be amended as soon as possible.

Setting aside Wilfred Stanley for the moment, let’s look at the family in ‘Noahs Ark’.

Although the abode in at Gibraltar Point near Skegness, it’s actually in the Wainfleet St Mary parish. Looking at the 1891
The 1881 census offers us little more information.

Ok, what about 1871?
James and Harriet are in Noahs Ark at Gibraltar Point. George is there-he’s 3 years old and …. George? He wasn’t born until 1878!
What’s happened? Look here and here Seems that James and Harriet had a son called George born in 1867 but he died at the age of eight. Another son who they also named George was born three years later!.
We also see that the couple had a daughter named Mary Ann. She was born in Friskney in 1864. So can we conclude that James and Harriet Perrin moved into Noahs Ark between 1864 and 1867?

Let’s look for James Perrin in 1861. He’s not in Friskney, he’s not in Wainfleet St Mary. James is a fisherman, a seaman – on a boat? let’s see!
James is at sea on a vessel named Blue Jacket.
James is aged 20, a Mariner and unmarried. He’s got to marry in the next year or two because Mary Ann is born in 1864! Sure enough, he does – in 1862. We now have Harriet’s surname, Chapman.
All very well, but because James is out at sea, the census doesn’t tell us anything about his parents! Then back we go to 1851.

On the 1851 census, James is 10 years old and living with his parents George and Rebecca in Friskney. He has a brother, George, who is also aged ten. Father George was born in Wainfleet St Mary in 1818.
According to the International Genealogical Index there is a Sarah baptised in 1819, Wainfleet St Mary to yet another James and Mary, but no record of a George. Looking around the church records of Friskney, Burgh, Thorpe St Peter, to all of which the family is connected, there are entries around the same time for several children born to a James and Mary, but none for our George.
I conject that George b1818 is in fact the son of this James and Mary but I cannot prove it. Ofcourse there is the chance that George was not baptised-don’t forget we are looking at baptism records as birth certificates didn’t begin until 1837. But why would the parents christen all their other children and not George? There may have been a trancscription error, We would have to vistit St Mary’s Church in Wainfleet to view the actual church records.
On a more solid note, we know that he married Rebecca Veal in 1838.

So where was George and Rebecca Perrin in 1841? I don’t know.
They had a daughter, Mary Ann christened in Orby in 1840, but they were not there in 1841! Neither are they in Friskney or Wainfleet St Mary. Wainfleet All Saints census has some illegible pages! Who knows?

So now we have another James and Mary, George’s father. The two eldest children having left home, here they are in 1841. The family is in Friskney, James being a farmer. We’ll look at the 1851 census to get more clues. Still in Friskney doing well as a farmer but look – James is from Barnstaple in Devonshire!
His wife Mary is a widdow on the 1861 census, She’s living with her daughter Jane is Friskney. There is a death listed in 1857 for a James Perrin. I’m sure this is our James but I cannot tell for sure without the death certificate.
Here’s Mary in 1881 aged 91.
His wife Mary died in 1886 at the grand old age of 96.

Perrin Family Tree

Index of Perrins (with documents)

More about George Perrin

George Perrin 1878-1952
Photo: Coxswain of Skegness Lifeboat Coxwain Skegness lifeboat George Perrin

George Perrin was born in 1878 to James and Mary Perrin who lived in Noah’s Ark Hotel at Gibraltar Point.
(Gibraltar Point is in the parish of Wainfleet St Mary). Though James came from a farming family in Friskney, the family later became fishermen.
George worked at sea off Grimsby but returned to Skegness when his father died in 1910 to work his father’s fishing boat.
He joined the Skegness Lifeboat in 1912, becoming coxswain in 1932. George led the first motor driven lifeboat in Skegness, the ‘Anne Allen’.
During World War 1, George Perrin worked on mine sweeping trawlers, and in World War 2, he took the Skegness Lifeboat to the rescue of several ditched planes.
George retired in 1947.

George Perrin
George Perrin died 6th February 1952 aged 73 and was buried in St Clement’s Churchyard in Skegness.

Wilfred Stanley Perrin 1904-1993
Coxswain of Skegness Lifeboat

George’s son (photo below), Wilfred was born in 1904.

He worked with his father on his fishing boat but later worked on the deep sea trawlers. He returned to Gibraltar Point to work with his father fishing for prawns.
Wilfred joined the Skegness Lifeboat when he was seventeen. The was second coxswain to his father until the latter died in 1947 and Wilfred took over as coxswain. Wilfred retired in 1965 and died in 1993. He is buried in St Clement’s church yard with his wife Beatrice Charlotte Perrin nee Lang.


0 thoughts on “Perrin Family History Skegness

  1. Hi Angela,
    James Perrin and Harriet Chapman’s eldest was born in 1863 and was called John George Perrin.He moved to Cleethorpes (Greater Grimsby)and was followed by my grandfather Arthur 1876 and George 1878.
    John George was a member of the Grimsby Lifeboat and had 5 sons two of which were also crew members and 2 daughters.
    One of the sons died at 2 years of age.
    As you mention in The Perrin Family History George 1878 returned
    to Skegness in 1910 after his father died.
    In 1912 everyones life changed!
    Three of John George Perrin’s sons died in a tragic accident when there fishing boat Providence III capsized in bad weather.
    I have just recieved a copy of the articles that were printed in the Grimsby Daily Telegraph at the time.
    If you would like a copy I would be happy to send you one.

    Ron Perin

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