Barrow Boys Taximen Complain

Source: Skegness Standard 27th July 1960

Photo: Wrate’s Press

Another coach arrives – the boys get busy!

Young “barrow boys” flock round a newly-arrived coach [in Lawn Car Park] offering luggage transport and guide service.

Taximen say they are affecting their livelihood.

Skegness barrow boys – the lads who carry visitors’ suitcases on home-made trolleys and old prams at four and five shillings a time – are doing local taxi-drivers out of lots of business, it was claimed last week.
The barrow boys – there are sometimes as many as fifty or sixty of them at week-ends – are “causing a serious loss of trade” to the taximen who use the ranks outside the Lawn Motor Coach Park, because the boys and their barrows can weave in and out of the buses and tout for custom whereas the taximen cannot.


0 thoughts on “Barrow Boys Taximen Complain

  1. I was a barrow boy but a bit later than the photo you have on here, probably around 1967. The taxi-drivers were still moaning then and used to give us a real hard time. Mind you some of the holidaymakers would do the same. I remember hauling a real big barrow load, so big that one of the adults had to make sure the suitcases all balanced on the barrow, from the railway station all the way to Butlins. The cheapskates got a collection up for me between the 6 of them and gave me 2 and thruppance. We used to shout up for trade “Get your baggage on me barrar, won’t be he tomorra apart from special orders”. Great times.

    • Hi,

      I too was a Skeggy barrow boy around the period 64-68/69, mainly operating out of Briar way bus station as it was then, sometimes we would try the railway station but they were a little more strict and would not allow us on the main station area, Drummond Rd also had a bus station which I think was linked to Lincolnshire Road Car, this was not so good in financial terms so was only a stop gap.

      At the height of the summer season around August time it was not unusual for me to earn around £3 which at that time represented a fair some of money, as we still had pre-decimal coinage my pocketswere bulging with half-crowns,florins, shillings, sixpences and so on. On occasions a trip to Sid Dennis’s scrap yard at Croft was required as the barrows suffered from a high mortality rate due to wear and tear so pram wheels were a highly sort after item commanding premium rates.

      I have numerous memories which will stay with me forever such good times, especially 1967 which was the ‘Summer of Love’ all though I didn’t really understand what was going on apart from all the music which echoed around all the establishments in the town – good times!!

  2. David Ollerenshaw

    I remember when I was a barrow boy between the years of 1968 and 1970. This picture has brought back many memories for me and in fact I am in this picture second left and lived on Murfield Drive, Skegness. I too remember shouting “luggage on a barrow!” and would get 5 shilling per run. Happy memories.

    • Brilliant, David! Do you remember Robert Curtis? He was a barrow boy, too – might have been a bit earlier, though.
      Ps have you seen the video?

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