Record Launched for Skegness Lifeboat

A group of Skegness entertainers have come up with a different way to raise money for the new Skegness lifeboat appeal. The Skegness Boat People, a group of dancers and musicians from Richmond Holiday Centre, Skegness, have just recorded their own version of the hit record ‘Sailing’, and the finished product is due to be released next week.

The man behind the idea is David Reeve, entertainments manager at the Richmond, and he revealed how the idea got off the ground: “The groups Regency and Emerald Green play regularly at the Richmond and we all got up and played on stage one night. I suggested that we ought to do something with our music.” Two members of Regency offered their 24-track recording studio in Grimsby to make the record which was finally mixed down two weeks ago. The final article is being pressed at the Abby Road Studios, made famous by The Beatles, and will be on sale to the public next week. The whole project is being sponsored by David and Jenny Williams, directors at the Richmond, so all the money raised from the record sales will go straight to the [lifeboat] appeal. The single includes a version of the lifeboat hymn, Those in Peril on the Sea, on the B side. The record will be selling in local shops and at the Richmond for £2 and Dave Reeve revealed that they were having 1,000 copies pressed. “I think we can safely say we won’t have enough. Since I’ve been playing the tape at the Richmond, people have been giving me money for the record before we’ve even got it.”

The Boat People who sang on the record are Regency, David Reeve, the Richmond Dancers, Sid Dennis, Emerald Green and ‘Wingnut’ Martin. Anyone who wants a copy of the record or can help in selling it should ring David Reeve on Skegness ****.

Skegness Standard 7th July 1989 Photograph by Anon

Newspaper photo above: The Skegness Boat People who are due to release their version of Sailing this week. All proceeds from the sales will go to the appeal for a new Skegness lifeboat. Skegness Boat People – Skegness entertainers’ record cover, released to raise money for Skegness lifeboat The image below is the actual record cover which shows the singers and entertainers on the Charles Fred Grantham lifeboat outside the lifeboat station on South Parade Skegness.

The reverse of the cover reads: A – Sailing B – For Those in Peril on the Sea Skegness Boat People are: Regency – Dave Reeve – Richmond Dancers – Jane Whitfield – Sid Dennis – Emerald Green – ‘Wingnut’ Martin Produced by Barry Whitfield and Dave Lee at Orion Studio Grimsby With special thanks to David and Jenny Williams, directors, Richmond Holiday Centre, Skegness, for their generous sponsorship Donate to RNLI.

The record was originally intended to raise money for the Skegness Lifeboat. If you choose to view the video below, PLEASE make a donation to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution by clicking the RNLI logo link. If you live locally, PLEASE make a donation to the Skegness lifeboat.

Update: We caught up with Sid Dennis who sang on the Sailing track. I asked him if he was the lead singer. “We ALL sang on the record”, he replied. “But did YOU sing the lead?” I persisted. Mr Dennis reaffirmed his previous statement. I rephrased the question: “Parts of the record are sang by a solo singer, was that you, Mr Dennis?” “Yes”, he admitted. Sid refused to take any more credit than his counterparts. Well done, Sid.

One thought on “Record Launched for Skegness Lifeboat

  1. I remember the gang at Richmond i took my children on holiday there my daughter (37) still remembers wing nut we still have a copy of the original record complete with cover

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