New Morris Secondary School Opens

This article from a 1956 issue of the Skegness News gives account of the Morris Secondary School opening in Skegness. The story reveals that the school was named after Canon Morris, a former rector of Skegness.

The photograph accompanying the article shows the school which was “an example of of really modern construction in glass and steel”.
Named after the Rev Canon AH Morris, a former rector of Skegness and today, at the age of 83, still an influential resident of the resort, the New Morris Secondary School in Church Road opened for the first time last Tuesday.
Built by the well-known Boston firm of Adkins, the new school is a typical example of really modern construction in glass and steel.
The first headmaster is Mr Ronald Johnson BSc, formerly headmaster at Winterton secondary school near Scunthorpe.

Source: Skegness News 12th September 1956

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275 thoughts on “New Morris Secondary School Opens

  1. Dear Sir /Madam
    I went to Morris Secodery School,Skegness years ago, I was in Mr Jones class, I remember some of the childrens names.
    I moved to 55 Church St,Normanton,Derby,DE23 6QT.

    Yours Faithfully


  2. Dear Sir/madam
    I went to Morris secondery school years ago, I was in the Late Mr Jones class,I will be known as Susan Bennison, I used to live at Sutton-on-sea.
    I remember some of the children names I went to school with.

    Yours sincerely

  3. I went to Morris Secondary school years ago. when i lefted school, i tried to keep intouch with the late Mr Jones family in Skegness. i still keep intouch with Margaret Jones and her son Lance, he used to go to school with me years ago.

  4. Simon Tait who lives in Wainfleet All Saints, Skegness.
    S. Tait went to the same school has me in Skegness years ago,
    I seen Simon Tait and his brother in july 2010, at there home in Wainfleet.
    Lance who went to the same school has me show me where Simon Tait lives in Wainfleet.
    We talk about the past.
    I no Simon Tait address in Wainfleet, I send him Christmas Cards and Gifts every year, I keep intouch with him. Myself I live in Arnold, Nottingham.

  5. I remember Heather Mcdonald she was a scottish girl who went to school with me years ago, when we lefted school. Heather worked at the County Hotel in Skegness has a kitchen cleaner, than I remember she moved to go to take care of little children near to Morris Secondary School, Skegness.
    Her Mother was a nice lady she worked at lumley School in Skegness, she make sure Heather was in employment years ago.
    Once she worked for the little children I never seen her again, I forgot where the Mcdonald family lived in Skegness.
    In our School days I remember Mrs Brown and Mr Jones, they used to be our schoolteachers.
    Mrs Brown used to be very stricked and very old fashion, she had victorian values about her.
    When I was bought up in Sutton-on-sea, lincolnshire, I used to collect games and metal toys and clothes
    I used to buy all my items from the jumble sale in Sutton-on-sea, years ago.
    I had funny brother and sisters, George Maxwell Bennison, Ethel Clare Ann Towler, Janet Gertrude Bennison, they claimed all my childhood items while I was going to school years ago.
    A hardness in there faces, Late Grandmother married a well to do business man when she died I got a inheritance shares in GEC and shares in Ass Newspapers.
    She lefted me little gifts has a heirlooms, put my brother and sisters walked away with the lot.
    My oldest sister years ago married a hard up farm labourer.
    I was going to school at the time my oldest sister married hard up farm labourer Ken Towler.
    My late father Frank Bennison had a blow up with Ken Towler before my oldest sister got married to him.
    My late father told him not to walk away with Susan ,s collection, because it was my hard work.
    My brother and sisters and hard up ken Towler where all in it together. I moved on now.
    In 27th May 2015 going to stay at the County Hotel in Skegness to celebrate Heather Mcdonald working there years ago,it was her first job when leaving school and to celebrate my family background history.
    My oldest Sisters birthday is on the 2th june 2015, hope to see her at the county hotel in Skegness.
    I found out where a school friend from Morris Seconary School, Skegness lived, called Trevor Twigg,
    I tried to find out about him for years, I find him out over the internet.

  6. I went to Morris Secondary School in Skegness, with Susie Whittles, she was burnted all over her body and she was burnted on her face. she said she got burnted in a house fire, years ago.
    She help me pick a new instant pocket camera from Boots in Skegness, years ago.
    My late father gave me the money to buy a new camera from boots, years ago.
    I shown late Mr Jones my new camera.
    Recently I gave my nephew Micheal Towler my old camera, what I bought with my late fathers money years ago.
    It would be a collectors item for being rare to this day, the old camera.

  7. I remember Julie Bearman she was in my class at School in Skegness years ago, I remember her boyfriend called Malcolm, Julie was going, very serious with him.
    Malcolm told me outside Julies Mothers house in skegness, he had a very special surprize, for Julie.
    He told me he was going to pop the Question to Julie, he was going to get engaged to Julie, he said he was going to buy her a engagement ring.
    When I seen late Mr Jones, he told me sad news about Malcolm, he died and Julie was crying at Malcolm funeral.
    I was very shocked about the sad news because he was young.
    I no Malcolm was a clever man he written a song for top of the pops, years ago, it hit number one in the charts
    it was about his parents fish and chip shop in Skegness.

  8. Julie Bearman and linda Alison went to my family home in Sutton-on-sea, years ago to see my large collection in my bedroom. I remember Julie said I was a bit untidy because I had alot of things.
    Thoses things will be rare to this day, my brother and sisters claimed the lot.
    Julie and linda went to Skegness school with me, years ago.

  9. Often I seen Linda Alison on the national express coach, from Mablethorpe to Nottingham, this was when we lefted school years ago.
    I went to school with linda,s brother David Alison, he worked at funland in Mablethorpe, when he lefted school, years ago.

  10. I remember the mini bus driver was called Mrs Graham, she taken the school children to Skegness school everyday. Her family used to run a Taxi company years ago, in Sutton-on-sea.

  11. In my school days we maded candles in Mr jones class, he show us now to make Jewellery. I remember making a every large pattern orange candle, we worked with very hot wax to make the candles and he showed us now to put the sting in the middle of the candles.

  12. I was going a holiday to Jersey Channel Islands in October 2001, I could not make the reunion at the Skegness School, I told late Mr Jones, I could not make the reunion because I booked a holiday to Jersey.
    Mr Jones told me not to cancel my holiday plans at the time. When I got back from Jersey I told Late Mr Jones about the rich and famous in Jersey and about the history of the place.
    When on holiday in Jersey I stayed at the hotel de Normandie in St Helier in Jersey.
    The hotel de normandie is still there to this day.

  13. I remember staying at julie bearman house in Skegness it was the time she tried to lose weight years ago,I bought Julie Bearman beautiful lemon Talc which the lemon smells lovely.

  14. My first school was Sutton-on-sea Primary School,Station Road, Sutton-on -sea, lincs.
    This is the truth Sister Clare Towler kicked Mother into the face while she was wearing her reading glasses.
    Mother had a large black eye. Late father Frank Bennison take me to start my first school, Late parents took me to see my headmaster, Mr Holt, he seen late Mothers black eye, he think my late father did it, father explained that it was not him it was my oldest sister Clare doing.
    Mr Holt the headmaster said it stops getting a photo shoot taken of my famiy at sutton on sea primary school and he said I must complain about it in later life.
    To safeguard my name and my late parents names too.

  15. The family who lived opposite my late grandparents house in Edinburgh, Scotland years ago. was the Duncan family. Sheila Duncan went to school with my late mother years ago. At the time I was 5 years old.
    S Duncan gave us Duncan,s chocolates and told us to keep the wrappers, which be old paper today.
    Sheila Duncan, family is the family partnership based in scotland, they maded chocolates, called Duncan chocolates. My brother and sisters claimed my chocolate wrappers which be old paper today.
    Sheila Duncan took a great dislike over my brother and sisters, because she had a idea I would not get nothing which be esentalmental today

  16. Mr Jones son played the Drums in a band in Morris secondary school years ago at the schools party.
    Linda Alison wanted a kiss from Mr Jones son, they say the blonde,s have all the fun. Mr Jones son say to Linda she was far too young for him.

  17. When I was going to school in Skegness,my late father Frank Bennison put all our school items ,to us, to the right full owners, he put my brother and sisters names towards our belongings which we all used at school. I never received mine my brother and sisters claimed the lot.
    I got no momories what I used at school, in my childhood.
    I bet other children who went to school years ago received theres, I just feel let down in so many different ways.

  18. My Family house at 12 Moreland Avenue, Sutton-on-sea, Lincolnshire. years ago. I was bought up in Sutton-on-sea.
    My late father got a sign post put outside is house, at the front of the family home. He liked the name Glenwood, so he called the house Glenwood, so I used Glenwood in my surname.
    He did think Glenwood is a beautiful name.

  19. My late parents own 4 properties in Sutton-on-sea years ago:
    Family home:12 Moreland Avenue, Sutton-on-sea, Lincolnshire.

    2 Coast guard cottage, Station Road, Sutton-on-sea, Lincolnshire.

    5 Coast guard cottage, Station Road, Sutton-on-sea, Lincolnshire.

    9 Grove Road, The park, Sutton-on-sea, Lincolnshire.

    My late parents run holiday let in the summer season.
    My late father was a property landlord.

  20. At Morris secondary School in Skegness, Sports day we did cross country runs to keep fit in our school days.
    I no there was a church next door to the school, one night I walked on my own threw the grave side I was very scared, I did think a ghost will be seen there, that night, I started to run out of the church yard.

  21. Maxine went to our school years ago. My late parents knew her father in Sutton-on-sea, he used to work has a hotel cook years ago in Nottingham, I seen him one day near the pullover in Sutton-on-sea years ago.
    I asked about Maxine, he told me she is married with children.

  22. My late father Frank Bennison bought me a book about paint along with Nancy, he gave me this book at Sutton-on-sea primary school. I did ask my late father for the book.
    Nancy is a lady in her 80,s at the time, she was on television.
    It was about drawing and painting and painting by numbers and make painting easy.
    When my father died my book about paint along with Nancy went missing at my family home, in Sutton-on-sea. I think my family steal it.

  23. My brother George Maxwell Bennison i do not like him because he demand everything in the late family home in S utton-on-sea years ago.

  24. Years ago at Morris Secondary School, Skegness.
    I remember the late Charlie Williams attend our school, in Skegness.
    He said to me, every 10 years means we are getting alot older and that means aged, it goes on everybody in life. The late Charlie Williams is a famous person years ago and he has letters after his name.

  25. I am glad I did not go to the same school has my brother and sisters, because they used to fight alot, years ago, I used to worry someone could get hurt.

  26. My oldest sister Clare Towler married a hard up farm labourer, his family used to live in a wooden shed,it was the same type of wooden shed has the Mcnamee families home which used to be on Alford Road Sutton-on-sea,,years would not be allow today, it is going down to basic,s.
    Theses families where hard up in thoses days.
    My late father did not want his family married into theses low life families.
    The Mcnamee family lived like gipsies in those days, Late father said in the cities that sort of place could be knocked down, because people should not live like it.

  27. Mr Oliver Mcnamee used to ride a horse and cart, he used to be like steptoe and son on television.
    And they lived with alot of rubbish , they lived the low life like going down to basics.
    They would not no now to live the better lifestyle, years ago.
    Late Oliver Mcnamee.
    Joyce Mcnamee.
    Eileen Mcnamee.
    Katy Mcnamee.
    Micheal Mcnamee.
    David Mcnamee.
    Jimmy Mcnamee.
    Than there is there own Grandmother who own the wooden shed and land there.

  28. Eileen and katy Mcnamee used to go out with different men years ago and there parents used to let it all happen, Eilleen and katy married desent men, years ago.
    My late father took a great likeing for Eileen,s husband George Blanchard.years ago.

  29. Years ago before starting Sutton-on-sea primary school, my late father gave us £2 pounds each to janet, and myself, to go to the fair which was held behind the Bacchus Hotel at a large car park, Eileen and katy Mcnamee was with us at the fair. I played one of the games at one of the stalls there, I won a metal spinning top which would be a collector toy to this day. The metal spinning top did very beautiful colours, the stall owner written my name on a bit of paper and he kepted it.
    My sister janet did not win nothing or Eileen and katy Mcnamee did not win nothing they wonder now I did it, I wonder now I did it myself.
    My father wanted me to give my prize to the Late Mr George Boot who used to run the social club in Sutton-on-sea. I did not part with it, so my late father put it in the garden shed at 12 Moreland Avenue, Sutton-on-sea, Lincolnshire, years ago.When my father died at the aged of 57. My brother and sisters did not give me my prize win, which was in the garden shed at 12 Moreland Avenue, Sutton-on-sea, years ago.
    I want things to come out in the open now, about what my family did on me.
    The spinning top was a prize win and it was my own property.

  30. Someone years ago send me a swiss cottage jewellery box, when I was at sutton-on-sea primary school.
    I do not know who send me it and nobody owned up about it, it just make me keep guessing.
    The jewellery box, all the windows open up and the door open up played music,

  31. The swiss music jewellery box went missing at the sutton on sea home years ago, late father called it a rare item

  32. My late parents celebrate sister Clare marrying hard up farm labourer, at ken,s parents wooden shed home.
    Late father blew is top at it. Ken had toget married to keep is job going Ken Towler had no savings to his name at the time. put he earn a wage.
    My late father told me I can lose all my collection and belongings because they could be stealing other peoples hard work, because ken,s family are very poor people and they have nothing to lose.
    The whole of Sutton-on-sea no about hard up farm labourer ken Towler marrying my sister Clare.
    Because my late father gossip about it to people around Sutton-on-sea.
    My late father was right at the time ,my things all went missing and I never seen my colection again to remind me of the past. My momories gone for good.

  33. I maded a mistake by useing my old name Susan Bennison when I leave a reply to you, I now called Susan Glenwood, It was about my late parents celebrateing Clare and Ken getting married and celebrateing at ken parents wooden shed home years ago.

  34. No about my lost collection in my bedroom at 12 moreland ave, sutton-on-sea, lincs.
    years ago.
    Katy Thompson used to be katy Mcnamee.
    Connie Wareham Late Mothers friend.
    Mrs Robeson family.
    Julie Bearman School friend
    Linda Alison School Friend.
    Neil Bradley My sister janet exboyfriend.
    The late Andrew Richardson, my first boyfriend.

  35. Life was not the same since my late father died, My brother George Bennison took over the family business.
    Late father had properties in Nottingham and he had alot of collectables.

  36. I bought a black case out of katy Mcnamee Marshall Ward Catalogue, I paid by Cheque, show it could be notice back

  37. I bought a nightdress from Katy Mcnamee, Marshall Ward Catalogue.
    It was in tan it had straps which where crossback, it looked like a evening dress. I think I paid by cheque
    yrs ago.

  38. Late father said I will pay katy Mcnamee a percentage because I am buying things from her catalogue.
    He said make sure I pay by cheque on everything.
    Everything went missing.

  39. A man called Patrick, a man I worked with at Suzanne Tailors, in the lacemarket in Nottingham.
    Patrick bought me a gold gate bracelet from Woolworths, which was near the broadmarsh centre,Nottingham yrs ago. He bought me a bottle of perume has well.
    He could not thrust Janet my sister because she deal with gold jewellery.
    I show it off, the gold gate bracelet at the work party and said Patrick bought me it.
    At Sutton-on-sea home my gold gate bracelet went missing of my dressing table. I should of insured it, at the time.

  40. I used to meet Gary Fergie who used to go to Morris Secondary School, Skegness, with me.
    We meet up at Marks and Spencers in Skegness, when we lefted school.
    We meet up at weekends. in thoses days it was hard to contact people, because there was no mobles phones. I not seen Gary Fergie for years until 2010.
    At his home in Skegness.

  41. Brother George steal my butterflies brooches I bought from Fords in Arnold, Nottingham, yrs ago I bought 7 brooches to give the girls at the meridian on coppice road, Arnold, Nottingham, yrs ago.
    Told Jayne Holmes now called Jayne Barnes, about the colourfull butterflies brooches.

  42. The butterflies brooches went missing in my dressing table draw at my late mothers bungalow in Arnold, Nottingham

  43. Played marbles with the children at primary school, Sutton-on-sea, I often win the marbles. my marbles went missing at my family home in Sutton-on-sea, years ago

  44. Katy Mcnamee gave me a little yellow purse with the name of a holiday she went, on it, at Sutton-on-sea years ago, it went missing at my late families home in Sutton-on-sea yrs ago

  45. Dark blue dress Navy Dress maded at Morris Secondary School, Skegness, at needlework class, yrs ago.
    Went missing at my late family home, a dress I celebrated special occasions yrs ago

  46. Fashion show held at Morris Secondary School, Skegness, yrs ago, to show off our designs.
    A girl called sharon was in the fashion show, she went to the same school has me, yrs ago.

  47. Maded late family food in a cookery course maded in a classroom at Morris Secondary School, Skegness, years ago

  48. When I was bought up in Sutton-on-sea, used to go to the cssm, which is : Childrens Special Service Mission, they look afther children in the summer season.
    They do games, do a sevice at the sea front.

  49. The late Mrs Clark accused myself and katy Mcnamee for stealing apples from a tree in someones garden,she said it is private property,at a house on the high street in Sutton-on-sea, yrs ago, late Mrs Clark worked at a fruit store on the high street, Sutton-on-sea, lincs.It was when my late Mother got fed up with apples, so she did not buy them at the time.

  50. Katy Mcnamee and myself where playing at the playing fields in Sutton-on -sea, when we where playing in the field, someone used a can of paint and spray it on the building there.
    Someone complain it was us, because we where playing there at the time.
    We got accuse of doing it, it was not us and I told them to find the proof on it and I no they could not find nothing on us.

  51. Susan Richardson accused me of going into her home and causeing damage to her belongings, someone spray paint everywhere in there.I asked her if anything got taken, she said no. I said it was not me, I told her to phone or contact the police.
    She gave her young son a key to open the front door, at the time.

  52. Susan Richardson handmaded me a light Blue Scarf, that went missing at my family home in Sutton-on-sea, yrs ago. Neil Bradley my sisters exboyfriend, said that my scarf will go missing because it looks nice and it was a present.

  53. I maked a red white and blue skirt, yrs ago.
    Susan Richardson liked my hand maded skirt, put she said someone wil take a fancy to it, and it went missing like the rest of my things yrs ago

  54. Late Mr George Boot and family used to be our next door neighbours, they where my late father friends.
    at 12 Moreland Avenue, Sutton-on-sea, Lincs. yrs ago

  55. Mr lewis family where late father,s best friends in Sutton on sea yrs ago.
    They used to be farmers and they used to run a butcher shop on the high street, Sutton-on-sea, yrs ago.

  56. Another friends of my late father was Mr and Mrs Wilson, they used to run a chicken farm, yrs ago.
    They had daugther called Sarah Wilson, she went to primary school in Sutton-on-sea yrs ago.
    I got invited to her birthday party yrs ago and a special famous guess was invited for a special appearance too.

  57. I got invited to see late Mrs Stuart, Mrs Stuart won the pools. She used to live off Station Road, Sutton-on-sea yrs ago. She was my late father,s friend.
    She bought a bungalow in Mablethorpe with the pools win,yrs ago.
    When my father died she attend his funerial.

  58. My late father Frank Bennison used to own 50 properties in Nottingham and Sutton-on-sea years ago.
    He was a property landlord.
    My brother George Bennison and my sisters used to steal my childhood collectors items out of my bedroom, at Sutton-on-sea , after my late father died.
    My late grandmother used to send me love tokens to me at Sutton-on-sea, when I was aged 5 yrs old and all that went missing too.
    I think to this day its all to do with money and greed, if they wanted things they should of offered me money for it. The schools years ago help e verybody to make things which where very special.
    My late father think I would have nothing lefted because of hard up farm labourer ken Towler, who was low life. he and rest of my family steal my works of art.yrs ago.
    I maded nothing out of all my collectors things.
    I often think back about my life, I do not forgive or forget about it.
    I think other children at the time get there childhood things.
    I will celebrate at the county hotel 27.5.2015, in Skegness.

  59. Everybody know in Sutton-on-sea yrs ago about my oldest sister getting married to low life ken Towler,
    He should of stop my brother and sisters from stealing from me if he was a desent man.
    I would say it was half my late fathers worry and stress, than not long after all that worry he died of different illness at the aged of 57.

  60. My Brother and Sisters never say sorry for all what they did, yrs ago.
    I do not forgive or forget about it to this day.

  61. My late grandmother collected 125 small real silver boxes years ago, she told me all about it when she was alife, she told me to go to a legal person about it, I did not go to a legal person about it. I notice at my auntie Doris Jackson house in Durham the small 125 small real silver boxes, on her round table, my exboyfriend soliciter Graham Alexander Hughes notice the 125 silver boxes on her table.
    He did think I would not get any of them, and none of them leave her house.
    On her dieding day she never lefted any of them to any of my own side of the family, put I no they exsist.
    Auntie Doris Jackson must of lefted them to my cousin Nicholas Jackson family.
    It was difficult to get anything out of Auntie Doris jackson she looked very greedy, at the time.
    When Auntie Doris Jackson died at aged 90, I inherited £1000- from her estate, put none of her belongings, I was named after auntie Doris by my middle name.

  62. At my first school, in Sutton-on sea yrs ago, all the school children handmaded pencial cases out of fabric they told us to pick a colour out, I pick yellow, we did embroidery on it.
    Mine went missing at my late family home in Sutton-on-sea yrs ago.

  63. Years go when people try to accuse me of different things, late father said he hope I did not commite, I did it, because they got to prove I was guilty. I said we did not do it and that was the truth.
    Put late father said if I agree to it I would be in trouble.

  64. When I went to Morris Secondary School Skegness years ago.
    I was very interested in Art, I lefted drawings in a sketched book and other drawings to the school,
    Late Mr Jones said it is on old paper, and it is for other people to see the school children,s art work, done years ago.

  65. Heather Mcdonald went out with David Bradbrook they both went to Morris Secondary School Skegness,with me years ago. Mrs Mcdonald was a school teacher at Lumley School yrs ago.

  66. My Brother and Sisters have my Morris Secondary School, Skegness, Report, I cannot understand why they should keep it and not hand it over to me,its not there property it is mind.
    It has my name Susan Bennison on the report.

  67. I remember my late father comeing to see me and late Mr Jones yrs ago at Morris Secondary School to talk about my education. He talk about me getting a inheritance from late Grandmother, when I was 5 yrs old.
    Alot of jeolous people are about because its shares in 2 companies and I got collectors items too, my .belongings they talk about, they no it could go missing because of money and greed, was going into the picture, and I am the youngest in my family.

  68. My Brother and Sisters is trying to get my uncle Norman Bennison and Auntie Peggy Bennison, to go against me and bad name me.
    They live at 12 Stanhouse Square, West Bridgford, Nottingham, Uncle Norman is my late fathers brother.
    George Bennison is a bit of a golddigger where money is concern.
    He did take over my late parents estate. Which I feel I can hit on future problems with him, he even tried to get a hit man to get rid of me, so I told the police. Brother George is a bit of a nuttier. I got warned to stay away from his family and children, I no he used to be in a gang in Nottingham, Millionaire salesman Mike McCrea murdered 2 people abroad and Phil Jones another salesman where all in a dangerous gang, Jayne Holmes and kelly lawrence where underaged children we went to the arrow pub G eorge Bennison and Mike McCrea was with him in there, anyway we all ended up at mike McCrea home where they got us all drunk and kelly lawrence ended up in bed with Phil Jones. Jayne and kelly where only kids at the time.
    Kelly said to me she was expecting Phil Jones baby which came has a shock to me, I know Phil Jones was married with 3 children and he will not leave his wife for kelly.At the time George Bennison did not want me to report it to the police because it was to protect my brothers name.
    I no the gang was doing underaged sex with young children.
    Now I can say something about it for women safety, and I do no more about it.
    Other people no at the Meridian which used to be in Arnold, Nottingham yrs ago and even my Boss Know about it because one of the girls compain about it. It all went unrepported yrs ago,
    I do say the truth about it and there is no word of a lie.

  69. THE Meridian Boss told me to keep away from the gang what George Bennison mix with because he said he weight them up, they are dangerous salesman its all to do with money and greed, The gang hang about my late Mothers place, they would not keep away, Late Mother wanted them to go away put she was too scared to tell them and my late Mother was wealthy.
    The Meridian Boss years ago told me he sold the business and he was going to take retirement, he was glad to get out because George Bennison and his gang would hang about the works enterance for young girls, and some of the young girls will not no what they where walking into.
    The Boss said I could lose a great deal of money because thats now the gang works. Nobody there thrust George Bennison because all he think at the time was his needs. Even my boss did not like him.

  70. I do agree I did used to mix with funny people myself and I am so glad to feel free of it all, it is learning by makeing mistakes. Once bitten twice shy

  71. Millionaire salesman mike mcCrea, murdered 2 people in china, it on the internet he changed is name to peter townsend. he got 24 years in prison, he is my brothers gang and phil jones too

  72. Late Mr Jones told me,if I lose my school report I would lose my proof that I attend Morris S econdary school Skegness. I lefted my school report at my late Mothers address, it was my property and I never got it back.

  73. people in Sutton-on-sea yrs ago. said I got a problem family, Susan Richardson said I got a problem family and other people back that up in Sutton-on-sea, than because of that I could walk into trouble.

  74. I stayed one night at heather Mcdonald home, she has 2 sisters they all sleep in the loft yrs ago.
    Heather mother was hard working she was a schoolteacher yrs ago,

  75. Brother George Maxwell Bennison hit late father in the face at the children, s swimming pool , because late father said he his a ill man and he said all is money and belongings is a 4 way split, George hit the roof and said he wanted the lot because he is heir to the family. Late father said George cannot hold is temper back and that could get him in trouble one day in the future.
    Brother George married a schoolteacher Louise Bennison, they have 4 children.
    They live:
    5 Davey Close,linby, Hucknall, Nottingham.
    I did not attend my brothers wedding.yrs ago because I did not get invited.
    He put stops of me seeing my sister in law Louise Bennison and his 4 children.

  76. Years ago my brother and sisters claim all my belongings and my late parents thing too.
    I told my my exboyfriend Jeoffery Beldock, a farmer, about what my brother and sisters are doing yrs ago.
    When I was at Morris Secondary School years ago I bought a camera, I taken photo,s of the school and photo,s of inside the school. I got Heather to take a photo of me in the annex,s on the school grounds,
    My family got rid of the photo,s.
    I asked for my late Grandparents home in Edinburgh, Scotland address, I did not get that, I asked them for my family photo, I did not get that.
    I do have a problem family.
    I have a funny family background coursed by my brother and sisters.

  77. Relations:

    My late fathers uncle Albert Mussion builded is own house for his family he was a millionaire in his own right.
    He own a stud farm in east leake in Nottinghamshire, he own horses and he had a race course outside the house he builded his house, he was a large landowner, years ago I was at is stud farm we celebrated lifetime experiences. He offered me a white horse put I was too young to except it. He said he did not like cities because of all the crime, he liked the country way of life
    Albert Mussion Died aged 104.

  78. Late Auntie Connie Bennison was married to millionaire George Bennison, Brother George was named after him. Connie did not like Ken Towler, I asked her years ago why she did not attend my sister, Clare,s wedding? She said she did not like Ken Towler because he had no money and had no ambition.
    I said I bet you would take gifts of my sister and brother in law,ken? she said yes put it would go no further than that.
    My Auntie Connie used to give me £1 pound every christmas up until I was 16 yrs of aged.
    She was very stricked and she used to value money because she called it hard earn money.

  79. My Late Mother uncle late Bill Whiteman he had a son called Malcolm Whiteman.
    Bill Whitman was a millionaire hotel owner in Scotland years ago, when he died he lefted my late Grandmother a beautiful square cut diamond ring, that got handed down to my late Mother

  80. Late millionaire Glen Bennison my late fathers brother used to work has a packer for John Players years ago.He own 50 properties in Nottingham, My late Cousin John Bennison used to own properties in Nottingham he was a millionaire in his own right, Barbara Peare married a millionaire.
    They used to live in Hyson Green, Nottingham.

  81. My uncle Norman and Auntie Peggy Bennison, owned 50 properties in Nottingham, they used to work for Boots in Nottingham, they have know children. Norman is my late father,s brother.
    They are millionaires.
    I do not celebrate all my late families hard work, its because I got knocked backs by my own brother for yrs.
    It was the big talk of Sutton-on-sea.yrs ago.
    All this is my families background History.
    My brother steal anything to do with Sutton-on-sea and Skegness ,on it, thats is my personal letters reports and certs.I have nothing to show I attended different places,years ago.
    There is alot to be answered for. Theses importants papers are valuable to me.
    Years ago I got a swimming Cert from Morris secondary school, Skegness.

  82. My late Grandparents, Mothers side who where millionaires used to book themselves into the Bacchus Hotel in Sutton-on-sea,One month every year, yrs ago.
    I remember the Bacchus hotel had a small wooden building on its own grounds years ago, I was sorry, the hotel taken it away.

  83. All my millionaires, late families used to celebrate there wealth at the Bacchus hotel, Sutton-on-sea, lincs.yrs ago.
    I was my late parents youngest daugther, they tried to make me feel very wealthy and to have a wonderful lifestyle.

  84. Family History:
    My late grandparents, late fathers side, used to run a newagents in Nottingham.yrs ago.
    My late grandmother took on a big gamble, she took out a mortgage on the newagents, to buy 200 properies, the rents off the 200 properties, soon pay the mortgage off.
    When my late grandmother died, they split the properties up, 4 way split, my late father and is 3 brothers.

  85. My oldest Sister Ethel Clare Ann Towler was a coronation baby yrs ago.
    Her Birthday : 2th June
    She does,nt like being reminded of her birthday.
    My oldest sisters daugther Angela amberlin did not invite me to her wedding yrs ago because of George Bennison dislike over me.

  86. When father died, I heard George shouting at Mother in her bedroom that he wanted to be heir being the only boy, he wanted to take over late fathers estate, he wanted the run of everything, he maded clare and janet trustees to the family estate, later on he lefted me out and I felt that was unfair because I no you can have 4 trustees.

  87. The late Mr Lesley Jones schoolteacher of Morris Secondary School, Skegness, years ago, said, if I leave the school report in my family home, it is like leaveing a trap, they should be honest and hand it back to the rightfull owner. years ago all letters must of gone missing out of my hands.
    I had my important papers in a very large wooded box with my school report, it was lefted there for safe keeping. The wooden box was put under late mothers bed at late mothers bungalow in Arnold Nottingham with the school report in it.
    There was papers of Boston College in there too.
    All papers went missing from my late mothers home in Lincolnshire and Nottingham addresses.

  88. Years ago I join the cssm in Sutton-on-sea, I got there staff to write letters to me threw the winter period.
    they write lots of letters,put i did not received them, some came from Miss legg.
    She said I was not replying to them, we thing letters where getting lost threw the post.
    So we had to stop sending letters, to each other.
    I was loseing letters, they where disappearing, I read them and I can,t find them again.
    Anyway I seen the cssm every summer season the last time I hear from Miss legg she got married.
    I think someone in my houehold where stealing letters. I was a kid at the time.

  89. Brother George used to go out with Cheryl Champey,she was the bank managers daugther.
    Late Mother felt sorry for brother George so she got him a date.
    Cheryl Champey was lonely too.
    They went out together at christmas time years ago.
    Neil Bradley told George you hit the jackpot because she is the bank managers daugther.
    George said she is too fat and not they finish with eachother.

  90. lots of letters must of gone missing threw the years, when I lived at Sutton-on-sea, someone so dishonest.
    Its a dirty trick, a finger is pointing at someone.
    I lefted a trap out for my brother and sisters and that was the Morris Secondary School Report and Boston college letters and certificates.Someone does,nt want me to have them, I know George Bennison is very nosey. He is a bit of a golddigger too.

  91. I went to Boston College with a girl called Carol,we are in the Basic Craft course.yrs ago.
    Carols Mother bought my late fathers house in the park in Sutton-on-sea
    Carol,s Mother would no a knew stories about my family years ago.
    Carol,s Mother was very interested in buying 9 Grove road, The Park, Sutton-on-sea, Lincs. yrs ago.
    Carol and myself was in a fashion show in Boston, Lincs, yrs ago, we where showing off our designs.
    It was for Boston College, yrs ago.
    Next door Neigbour to no 9 is a man called Robin, he used to work at the social club in Sutton-on-sea, he used to be best friends of my late father and late George Boot.

  92. My late grandparents both have a scottish tartan named after them, before my grandmother married my grandfather she was called Massey, and there married names where called Nicholls

  93. I stayed one night at the Caxton house Skeness, Trafaler Avenue, Skegness, Lincolnshire, PE25 3EU.

  94. I was called Susan Bennison, than I was called Susan Belbina, than I changed my name by deed pole to Susan Glenwood.

  95. Mr and Mrs Mitchells Micheal and Sheila.

    Corner House cafe
    9 High Street,
    LN12 2NY.

    My oldest Sister Clare Towler used to go to school with Sheila Mitchells.

    My late Mother used to go for tea at the corner house cafe, everyday, yrs ago.
    She used to hear all the gossip.
    Late father said whats the gossip today, yrs ago.

  96. The boys at sutton-on-sea primary school used to call me names, they called me Bellybolts, I did not like that name and I ask them why I got called it.

  97. At Sutton-on-sea, primary school, schoolteachers names.
    Head master and partner- Mr and Mrs Holt.
    Mr Shields, schoolteacher and garage owner.
    Miss Morris-later on she married, Mr Shields.
    Miss White.
    Miss Banks

  98. I can remember liveing in Sutton-on-sea.
    Late Mr Maxwell, he used to be boss in the fruit and veg shop on the high street in Sutton-on-sea,
    Late Mr Maxwell advertised is shop on television, yrs ago.

  99. Mr Watson and family.
    They sell hardware and kitchen ware in there shop on the high street, Sutton-on-sea.
    Years ago late father bought stuff for the Grove Road house, in Sutton-on-sea, to help the holiday visiters, who stay there.

  100. Late father used to give us pocket money to help him in Grove Road house, Sutton-on-sea, yrs ago, he said he was trying to teach us all a skill which one day might come in very usefull.

  101. Late Mother went to see Doctor Turner, he wanted to put late Mother on a slimming diet, he told her to walk to Mablethorpe and back to Sutton-on-sea everyday and that will make her feel better and feel healthy.

  102. Late father used to collect rents from his properties in Nottingham, he did not like some of the tenants put he had to collect is rents

  103. Late parents and family used to come up to Nottingham to go to the Goose fair, every yrs, yrs ago.
    Late father gave us pocket money to spend at the fair, we stayed near late auntie Elsie Bennison,
    she lived around the corner of late fathers house in Hyson Green,Nottingham. Often we pop around to late auntie Elsie for tea and cake. She always make us feel very welcome, she was so happy to so happy to see me.
    later on in life I bought Late Auntie Elsie a beautiful expensive box of chocolates, bought from a shop on Manfield Road, in Nottingham. The chocolate box played music, it had a beautiful picture on the front of the box, I always asked her about theses chocolates and her eye always brighten up, she never forgotten about it.

  104. Years ago late father frank Bennison went with family to pick strawberries at a field in Alford, when we wanted to use the toilet we ended up asking someone at a farm house there.
    We got paid by the farmer to pick the strawberries.

  105. I used to collect items in the 70,s, I used to based things people wear on top of the pops.
    I bought clothes from C&A in Nottingham and Cheslea Girl, wh,
    ich used to be in the Victoria Centre, Nottingham.

  106. When I stayed at my family home in Sutton-on-sea, I paint & draw pictures of people than I took a great interest in art.

  107. With the Morris Secondary School in Skegness, we went a day trip to London Zoo and we had a shopping experience in Lincoln, yrs ago.

  108. Late father Frank Bennison used to get around all the family to take a holiday abroad once a year, years ago.
    We went to france and Holland.
    The Social Club in Sutton-on-sea,late Mr George Boot, laid on holidays and day trips to London & Blackpool.

  109. My home life in Sutton-on-sea, My late parents did not have heating in the bedrooms, there yrs ago.
    My late mother put extra blankets on the bed, late Mother used to wear 3 jumpers to keep warm. Late parents watch the heating bills.
    My late father did not take out builtings and contents insurance, that went on for years, since they live there, the home felt very cold in the bedrooms in winter time.
    My late father had a safe in the house so Late Mothers jewellery was in safe keeping, out of sight out of mind. Late mother had 5 valuable rings.
    In the home there was 2 gas heaters down stairs, in the kitchen we has a coal fire, that kepted the kitchen warm. In the house there was no wallpaper in all the rooms which gave the house a cold feel.
    Late father said to me he bought our home for £12 hundred pounds yrs ago, has time went by it was considered a cheap house.
    My late parents where old fashion and very stricked, they did value money, they where very carefull with it.
    If they cannot afford it, they do not buy it.
    My late parents liked peace and quiet. With Sutton-on-sea, you do not need to spend much. In summer time, you in the sea swimming years ago. Late father said late Mr George Boot bought is house at the same time has him, late George Boot was our neighbour, there. Late George Boot was the manager of the social club in Sutton-on-sea yrs ago. late George Boot was well repected in Sutton-on-sea yrs ago.
    My late father bought a gate to put up outside his home years ago, because it remind him of my gold plated necklace, the gate outside, stop people driveing there cars down his driveway.
    Late father did little builting jobs in the house, once late Mr A lewis help my father on building jobs, they build a slideing door with windows, which I think the owners still got it to this day.
    Late father builded a small window building at the back of our home, which is not there to this day.
    Late father had all the skills to do building jobs on all his properties years ago.
    late father did gardening too, it was all to do with saveing money on labour.
    My late father was well liked in Sutton-on-sea years ago.
    I do not liked when people knock me down in Sutton-on-sea, all because I had a problem family, all based on money and greed.
    Late father used to love food specialy fresh meat, he liked fresh chicken and fresh roast Beef every sunday, years ago, we all seat around the dinner table, and wait for late Mothers good food.
    None of us leave the dinner table until we all finish our meal.
    Threw the week sometimes we had fish and chips, with peas.

  110. My late parents had a ginger cat and 11 kittens at the home in Sutton-on-sea.
    Late father loved the cats, It cost alot of money to feed so many kittens, and the kittens, Mother cat.
    My late father had a name for all of them years ago.
    When the kittens grown up, he parted with them to all the farmers in the local area of Sutton-on-sea.
    He kepted the ginger Mother Cat because he felt the ginger cat would give him good luck.
    Has time went by the ginger cat had cancer, he show the cat to a vet, it cost him alot of money to threat her.
    The ginger cat died of cancer, late father show me the cat, he said it is only sleeping, to me.
    Than he said is special cat has died, he found a shoe box and put toilet roll around his loveing pet cat.
    and he put newspaper in there to keep the cat warm.
    He burned it somewhere in the back garden at the Sutton-on-sea home. we did prey so the cat go to god and it will go to a better place.

  111. My sister janet bought a black cat home to my late family home, It was a nice black cat, I always talk to it, and sing all things bright and beautiful to it, the black cat went to my bedroom every night, my bedroom was at the back of the house, the cat came threw my bedroom window.
    I maded the black cat my very, very, very best friend, I valued it more than my brother and sisters.

  112. The Trustee saveing Bank used to be in Sutton-on-sea, years ago.
    It was at the time my late families bank, and us, there children.
    Years ago my Late Grandmother put some money into my first bank account and that was the TSB.
    She did it with all of our family to make it fair.

  113. There is alot of crime which goes on, and people get away with it, because they do not find out who done it, its because it does, nt get reported to the police.
    I no I come from a problem family myselve and I well know cruelty goes on to this day.

  114. Late father Frank Bennison bought late Mother necklaces which light up in the dark, they had a liquid in them, he bought them from the goose fair in Nottingham, yrs ago.

  115. Brother George Maxwell Bennison worked at funland in Mablethorpe, lincs. yrs ago, he did not like is job there, he worked on one of the rides there, put he came home very dirty with is job. put he had to keep the ride clean, he had to clean it late on at night time, late father said he never seen george so fit and he had to lose weight anyway.

  116. My late Auntie Doris Jackson, she used to work for the royal bank of Scotland years ago in Edinburgh, Scotland.
    My Auntie Doris passed her driveing test at aged 60. Her late husband Alan Jackson bought her, because she pass her driveing test a white mini car, she drive it everyday to go to the shops in Durham.
    Late grandfather lived with late Auntie Doris yrs ago. Late grandfather told late auntie Doris to buy the expensive tea bags in Marks and Spencers in Durham.
    She bought the cheapest of tea bag in the shop.
    Late Grandfather did not find any differance in the tea.
    My late families live near to the Cock of the North resturant and pub, in Durham.

  117. Late Grandfather had is own room at late Auntie Doris Jackson home in Durham, he had a large office table in his room, he liked smoking a pipe in his room, he liked a special drink to celebrate life time experiences.

  118. Someone said at late Auntie Doris jackson home at one of her large parties years ago, A couple said My Auntie Doris is very posh. They said some people would not take on a old man, they mean my late grandfather , he should be in a old peoples home, where he gets all the special care.
    They said there must be something wealthy about late grandfather,for them to take on that job.
    This couple late auntie Doris envited had Doris well weighted up, she only invited well to do people to her home in Durham. And the couple did not like late Auntie Doris because she is a snob.

  119. Late Grandmother liked a private room, which was in the Edinburgh home, she had a green room, where everything was in colour green, she like the colour green, to remind her of her own Scottish Tartan

  120. Late father Frank Bennison won a coffee table, it had a beautful picture of the country side on it, the picture had a glass top on it.
    He won the coffee table at the bingo hall in sutton-on-sea, high street, yrs ago. I can remember the bingo hall myself.
    Years ago they knocked the bingo hall down and replace it with other buidings.
    When late father died Clare Towler claim the coffee table.
    When I was with my exhusband, we went to my sister, home in Maltby-le-marsh in lincolnshire.
    I seen the coffee table dumped in there front garden.
    My late father was so proud that he won it in a game of bingo, and he looked at the coffee table has very special prize win.

  121. One of my Late parents neighbours, Mrs Else and daugther Carol Else, late Mrs Else was a one parent family, she did not like men too much, because she been let down by her ex husband. They never kepted clean, Carol weared dirty clothing because they never wash them clean.
    Carol worked at a carehome in Mablethorpe and the carehome kepted her clean, while working there.
    Years ago Carol expecting a baby when she was 15 turning 16 yrs of aged,She lost the baby and she miscarriaged, her Late Mother said her daugther was far too young to have a baby, maybe its the best thing that happen.

  122. Years ago a young girl borrow my bike of me and she never return it back to me. I told late father about what happen.,I knew where the young girl lived, she came from a problem family, her father ran off with another woman, her mother turn to drink.
    My late father told her she needed a solicitor because she will get the best of help, now to move on with her life.,late father asked the young girl nicely where she dumped my bike, put she would not say, late father called the police to go there, later on the police gave late father the bike back,than my late father sold the bike, he said it was sold because it was best to move on, I know the problem family, mother had 5 children, that she did not know where to turn.

  123. I send jeannie Nicholson and Susan Richardson special gifts, because they threw my late families well.
    I send flowers to David Richardson shop in Mablethorpe, 3 times, I wish I attend his shop, in Mablethorpe, put it is too far to go when I do not drive a car.
    David Richardson was a very good friend of my late father Frank Bennison.
    I heard my first exboyfriend andrew richardson died in his 40,s, I told the family I was so sorry to hear the sad news. I remember momories of andrew and myself building a small hut in his Mother,s back garden in Sutton-on-sea, yrs ago. Susan Richardson taken photo,s of us in her garden, years ago.
    I told Susan Richardson about a children metal toy clock with a little angel on it, I was around 5 yrs old, I bought the metal toy clock at the jumble sale in Sutton-on-sea, yrs ago, Susan Richardson called it a rare item, I wish now I give her the children metal toy clock, it had a picture on it, I should of give it to her son Andrew.
    Sometimes I send gifts for Susan Richardson, I had to send her Gifts to David Richardson shop in Mablethorpe, so he could pass it on to Susan Richardson. I send her different watches threw the years, and I send her a special brooch, recently I send jeannie Nicholson, at the Antique shop in Sutton-on-sea, some goodies for there family. I send Susan Richardson another watch.
    My children metal toy clock went missing in Sutton-on-sea in my late family home, Susan Richardson years ago told me my brother and sisters will steal that item because it is rare.
    I was upset when it went missing,because it is lost momories.

  124. My late father frank Bennison took us to the cinerma, in Mablethorpe years ago, we went in his ford anglia car. We went to see a film and when we lefted the cinerma we went to late fathers car, put there was a problem. Some youths smashed his window screen, right in front of us, with large stones., they ran off, so there was nothing we could do. The repair of the window screen was very expensive put late father was very upset about it. He did buy a new window screen,for his car.

  125. Susan Richardson the hairdresser in Sutton-on-sea years ago, she cut my hair for free because I was going out with her son late Andrew Richardson.
    When we moved on in life, I heard Andrew,s mother was getting married, I seen Susan Richardson future husband, years ago, at the time he was very rude to me, he said, do not come back again and do not see Andrew again, I was shocked about it.I wondered at the time what I did to upset them so much. At the time I would of loved to go to Susan Richardson wedding, it would of been nice to get invited.
    I would of bought them a special wedding present and I would of wish them the best of luck for there future.
    Susan Richardson moved to Mablethorpe to live with her husband and they never meet up with me again.They moved on and that was years ago.

  126. Years ago , my family used to visit my late grandparents of my late mothers side., at the County Hotel in Nottingham, The County Hotel, Nottingham had a beautiful Antique Grandfather Clock near to the hotel entrance.
    It was a talking point, in there, the Antique Grandfather Clock.
    Later on, talk was going about that, they where going to knock the county hotel down and put something else in its place there.
    The County Hotel Nottingham, they was takeing everything to auction, it all had to be sold off

  127. Janet Gertrude Bennison my sister found my late fathers hiding place, she found keys for my late fathers wardrobe. Janet my sister found late fathers money, in there, which she took it.
    Than she maded plans to go to Nottingham from Sutton-on-sea, she went to Nottingham with a girl called Gillian Moffit, she lived in Mablethorpe.
    They caught a train to Nottingham, Janet took someones money out of a man,s wallet, Janet got done for it.Gillian Moffit did not want to pack my sister Janet up.
    The police came to late fathers house in Mapperley in Nottingham.
    Late father tried to get around Gillian Moffit by offering her a large amount of money, to back sister Janet up, to set her free, she did not want to be paid off , to keep her mouth shut.
    Next thing sister Janet was faceing Lincoln court, with my late parents there.
    They took her photo of her face and took her finger prints and threated her like a criminal, she did not get off with it, because she commit a crime and that happen years ago.

  128. Sister Janet got raped years ago, she pick a strange man up from a night club in the lace market in Nottingham.
    She was only 16 yrs of aged at the time.The man taken sister Janet to his own home, where she got beaten up and raped, a little girl heard alot of noise and someone phoned the police, my late father was at sutton-on-sea at the time, he got a phone call from the police in Nottingham. The police said sister janet got attacked and told late father to come the next day to Nottingham, he just could not settled,down,he went to Nottingham right away because he was very worried about it. Late father told Janet it was wrong to go to a strange mans home on her own, he,s a man, he would get hot, 3 years on she claim compensation for the case because she had to claim in a certain time.

  129. My Sister Janet Gertrude Bennison and her friend Eileen Mcnamee taken Antique items from a empty house on Alford Road, Sutton-on-sea, years ago.It never got reported to the police.
    My late father did not want the stuff in the house,he said why did,nt they take the stuff to the Mcnamee family.My late father gave sister Janet &Eileen a time limit to get rid of the stuff because he did not want no come back on it, he said he did not no where it came from.Sister Janet & Eileen went to a Antique shop in Mablethorpe to sell the Antique stuff.
    They got good money for the Antique stuff, they maded a good profit for doing nothing.
    Late father and myself did not want nothing from it, we did not want no come back or no involvement.
    My late father told me, if it is a robbery, and there stuff gone missing,I hope they got contents insurance be cause they can claim on it put if they not insured they lost the lot.

  130. I have finished my special stories in my book, I hope you enjoyed reading my true lifestyle stories and the schools I attended years ago.The book is about all my Late families and my sisters and brother.
    I promise my late father Frank Bennison and my late fathers uncle Albert, about writeing a book.
    And one person who is not around is my schoolteacher, Mr Lesley Jones, he said I should write a book, I kepted is promise too.

    The End.

  131. To Skegness Magazine,
    I Finished my true stories about my life growing up and about my lifetime experiences.
    I come from a problem family, my Brother and Sisters all commited crimes, in there life and I am the youngest daugther of my late parents. I got accused myself because my brother and sisters have been in serious trouble with the police, I tried to stay clear of any trouble in my life and not to walk into trouble.
    Thank You.

    From Susan Glenwood

  132. To Skegness Magazine
    If you want to contact me, My Mobile number is: 07870 389984.
    You can text me and leave a message.
    I like to know where your office is in skegness, pleace leave me your address, by email to me.
    From Susan Glenwood.

  133. Background History:
    Theses are the places I attended years ago, and should be put in my book.

    I got Christen at.
    Holy Trinity Church,
    St Clement
    Corner of Church Lane,
    LN12 2QZ.

    Sunday School, behind the Holy Trinity Church
    St Clements,

    Sutton-on-sea, Primary School,
    Station Road,

    Morris Secondary School, Skegness.

    Boston College,
    Skirbeck Road,
    PE21 6LF.

  134. What I do not like about my brother and sisters, they withhold important information from me. My School Reports, Certificates, and important papers, which I should of got by now.
    Late Mother died 2009, they where at her home, they had plenty of time to sort things out.

  135. I contact Rector Rev Peter Liley.
    I re. Request for a Baptism Certificate.
    The address has changed to : The Vicarage, 7A Huttoft Road, Sutton-on-sea, Lincolnshire, LN12 2QZ.
    Tel: 01507 443948.
    I had to contact : Lincolnshire County Archive,
    St Rumbold Street,
    LN2 5AB.
    Tel: 01522 782040.
    To find out if I can get a new christening certificate.
    I was Susan Bennison when I got christen.
    D.O.B 27.3.1961.
    Christen in Sutton-on-sea years ago.

  136. I no Mr & Mrs Wilson used to run a chicken farm in Trusthorpe in Lincolnshire, I went to school with there daugther Sarah Wilson, Sarah went to Sutton-on-sea, Prmary School, I went to the same School has her.
    Mr & Mrs Wilson used to be good friends of my late father Mr Frank Bennison.
    Sarah Wilson invited me to her birthday party years ago, a famous person was at Sarah,s birthday party.
    We all talk about timetime experiences, than we talk about our collectables, I said I collect metral Toys, I won a metral spinning top at aged 5 yrs of aged.
    I said all my relations buy me beautiful gifts for birthday presents and xmas presents.
    My late parents and my late grandparents bought me special gifts too.
    When I was aged 5 yrs of aged my late grandmother lefted me shares in 2 different companies, I told everybody the good news about the shares at Sutton-on-sea primary school yrs ago.
    I no it was like winning the jackpot to receive shares from my late grandmother, she died at aged 75.
    My late grandmother tied the shares up, I cannot touch the shares until I was 21 years of aged.
    I could touch the dividends from the shares.
    My late grandfather used to give me £250- a year started from aged 5, my brother and sisters got the same has me, I could buy what I like with my own money started from aged 5.
    I started buying things from the jumble sale in Sutton-on-sea, learning now to spend my money on clothes and books and children toys, it all started the spending spree at aged 5.
    Once I bought a blouse with beautiful real silver buttons, the buttons I loved, they looked too good for the blouse.
    I started collecting cherry B glasses, you buy cherry B drink and you get a free glass, I collected 4 glasses with 3 cherries on the front, when I was younger I theated the cherry B glasses has my special glasses, I did not want them broken.
    I saved the quality treats tin because it had a nice couple on it.
    I kepted 2 catologues years ago, one was John Myers the other was Marshall Ward.
    I collected the catologues because one day they be very old paper.
    My late father told me to start useing a cheque book to buy my goods because if anything goes missing it can be notice back,to what I bought.
    I than started collecting in a big way, it was all done on my pocket money, the whole of Sutton-on-sea threw what I collected at the time, late father told Susan Richardson, David Richardson, Jeannie Nicholson who worked at 41 High Street, Sutton-on-sea, lincolnshire, and many more people about my collection, which I bought with my own pocket money, I was not the only person who had a toy collection, Late Andrew Richardson used to be my first boyfriend collected metal toy cars, he used to buy matchbox toy cars,
    Late Andrew put all his toy cars in to a book and he no now many cars he,s got in his collection.
    Mrs Wilson told me yrs ago she used to mark a number on all her collectables incase any of them went missing. My late father collected things out of all his properties, he collected things when he was younger, and my late mother used to be a big collectors of stuff.
    It runs in my late family too, to build big collection up, to help them with there future. They all no all about it, age goes on items which things turn rare and that makes things more collectable.
    Late families told me when stuff turn 100 yrs old, that is when things are antique and than it is a family heirloom. My brother and sisters claimed everything, I not profit on nothing which used to belong to me or my late families belongings, brother and sisters took the lot, they did sell a thew of my late mothers collectables put that does nt cover the lot. my brother and sisters gave me a little money out of it.
    Maybe to keep me happy put that did not happen for long, its because I no what my late family had to there names. I feel ripped off from my childhood items, most of it was esentalmential, because it is things which get past down the famiy. my late families called me the baby of the family.
    I won my late families hearts, maybe my brother and sisters did not like that.
    I cannot understand why my brother and sisters held on to my ID, important papers, school reports, certifiates, all the proof I attended thoses places in lincolnshire, and beautiful letters from the CSSM, when I lived in Sutton-on-sea yrs ago.
    I losted everything my collection and my ID all went missing when my late parents died.
    I told late Mr Jones schoolteacher everything about my own family background, My late famiies where millionaires and there was no real reason for people to steal in my family because everybody got there own money. I send £1000- to late Mr Jones Wife Margaret Jones because she is next of kin to late Mr Jones, Late Mr Jones gave me valuable advise, to help me with my future, he did warn me to go all the way, the problems I have with my own brother and sisters, if I do not it can rulen a life.
    He did say to me, I should win the case, because it is all my own hard work, all done of my own back.
    Nobody put nothing in to it to try to built it up.

  137. A Student of the fashion & Design Department of Boston College of Further Education, Carole Burkitt.
    I was a student too. Carole Burkitt used to hang around with Dianne Plaskitt.
    We where in a fashion show, Thursday 8th June 1978, at Blackfriars theatre, Boston, Lincolnshire. we where showing off our designs
    Carole Burkitt, Mother bought my late father,s .house, in the park in Sutton-on-sea.
    9 Grove Road, The Park, Sutton-on-sea, Lincolnshire.
    Mrs Burkitt and her daugher Carole must of seen furiture and items which late father bought for grove road in Sutton-on-sea, when they bought the house, the stuff was in the house, late Mother gave brother George the keys for Grove Road,house, so George and Janet went around and claim the lot.
    I received no money whatsoever, I do not no what sister Clare got out of it, for her share.
    Someone complain at Grove Road that the house was sold and we should have nothing to do with it now.
    Brother George and Sister Janet let themselves in and took all late fathers items.
    I no late fathers used to buy alot of household items from the Watson,s shop on the high street, Sutton-on-sea, Lincolnshire. Mrs Burkitt and Carole her daugther would of known what happen because they wanted to claim it themselves. They got nothing out of it and I got nothing out of it too. Got no money for my share of it.
    I think brother George and Sister Janet tried to pull a fast one,there.
    All this happen when Neil bradley was on the scence, he was my sisters exboyfriend years ago.
    At the time Neil Bradley lived with sister Janet, yrs ago.

  138. Years ago my sister Janet Bennison, I got told by Jackie Allison, who,s parents lived on Alford Road, Sutton-on-sea, lincolnshire. She told, me at Trustville Holiday Camp, Trusthorpe, Lincs, there was a cafe on the site, she told me sister Janet & herself got into a fight & Jackie ended up with Brain damage, Jackie told me and other people about the fight, sister Janet was too young to get into trouble at the time.
    Jackie said all the Bennison family are the same, put I said not me.

    Janet my sister put Mike McCrea up at the Malcolm Close, Flat, Mapperley, Nottingham-years ago, to help him out.Mike McCrea was best mates of Neil Bradley.

    Dave Machin my exboyfriend used to live in Clifton, Nottingham.
    He used to come to Sutton-on-sea every year in the summer season.
    He bought me goldplated jewellery -Necklaces. years ago.
    I meet him in Nottingham, to go to the goosefair, I bought a Elvis Presley Poster, it was in black and silver, it was a collecters item, I got told at the goosefair ,this. It went missing with the rest of my collecter pictures
    at Sutton-on-sea years ago.
    Dave Machin seen the single bedroom in the family home it was full of late fathers belongings, Dave came to the family home to pick up his tent, & late father gave him his tent back.
    All the items went missing in the family home, after father died, years ago, in Sutton-on-sea.

    Mrs Boot, late George Boot,s wife, seen me wear a gold plated necklace with a old penny piece set into it.
    Mrs Boot liked the necklace, she said it will go missing ,yrs ago.

    Billy another exboyfriend.

    A red and yellow ashtray with whitbread, Nottingham on it, taken from a pub called the Market side in Sneinton, nottingham, yrs ago,
    ashtray went missing at Late Mothers home.
    Billy know about my items too, yrs ago


  139. I had a toy it was 2 balls on a sting 2 balls bang together, they band the toy because if you let it go, it could be very dangerous, it make a noise when the 2 balls bang together. My late father did not like that toy, he said if I do not stop playing with that toy, he would put it on the fire.
    That toy went missing

    I had jigsaw puzzles, I had a puzzle which was the square in London.
    I I had 4 puzzles which was maded in wood, they where round puzzles

    I had a metal toy tin which maded a noise, yrs ago.
    I had a gift from late father which was a drum kit, the drum was in metal, yrs ago
    Everything went missing

  140. I got a scottish doll from my late grandmother, I was 5 yrs of aged at the time.
    all my toys went missing

  141. I bought myself a children,s toy, which a kid can play there own tune, the toy was in metal,I bought it from the jumble sale in Sutton-on-sea, yrs ago, I bought it with my pocket money. the toy went missing in the family home after late father died.

  142. Late father bought me a chocolate machine in metal, you put money into it and a small chocolate comes out, it was in colour red. now you can get the same chocolate machine put it be in plastic.
    Late father bought it me because I loved chocolate.That went missing too, yrs ago

  143. Auntie Doris Jackson bought me a children,s brush and mirror set for a christmas present years ago.
    Late Auntie Doris think my brother and sisters are heartless, she said they live like animals, she said they fight and they are too wild for her, with no repect.
    Brother George pissed on Auntie Doris silk tie, she bought him for a special gift, he mention to late auntie Doris he pissed on her silk tie she send him, she was very, very,very upset about it, she stop sending him anything else.

  144. My life was not easy when I was growing up, I cried all the time, my family fight all the time, I suffered stress and worry someone could get hurt, late auntie connie said to late father he should sign them up for the army, they might come out different.
    I started do drawing and painting pictures, the school has alot of my art work, I signed and dated every picture, because every picture was very special. Doing art was a special time in my life, it was a big part of my life has a child artist

  145. I tried my best to soften brother George Bennison,s heart I gave him a book about black beauty and a book about live and let die, james bond, years ago in Sutton-on-sea.
    I bought Brother George a cigarette lighter, he smoke a pipe in his car, he burnt a big hole in his trousers
    He said it was caused by the cigarette lighter I bought him.

  146. The reason I send all theses different stories is, I must be entitled to something and not nothing.
    I collected beautiful toys has a child and my late families help me to do it, my collection was the talk of Sutton-on-sea at the time,years ago.
    When everything gone missing, I felt so let down by it, so one day I had to let it all leak out and thats why I let you no all about my lifetime e xperiences.
    I bet I am not the only one, for this to happen too.

  147. I bought 2 wooden pieces necklaces when late father was a life, I bought them from a shop on the high street in Sutton-on-sea, yrs ago, Late father said to me they be old necklaces, I can weight it up now they could be 50 years old. I am 54 yrs of aged, I bought them when I was a child.

    Late Auntie Doris Jackson was good to me even that she lived a long way from me. she lived in Durham.
    On one of her holidays she bought me a small velvet bag which you could use has a purse, you can tie it to your belt, I used to put my coins in it, so I do not lose my money in thoses days it was the old money.

  148. There was alot more stuff than that, my family used to be very rich people, they tried to threat us with alot of repect, When all my things went missing ,I bought more stuff and that went the same way too.
    My brother and sisters do not think about what they do, they just do it.

  149. My late father told me he collected rare household items alot came from his properties and alot came from antique sales in Sutton-on-sea. My first auction was with my late father in Sutton-on-sea, years ago.
    He bought alot of stuff for all his properties, the stuff was all antique, even at that time.

  150. I bought items for my bottom draw one thing was plastic containers which you put together. that went missing yrs ago in Sutton-on-sea family house.

  151. I started useing my cheque book to buy more expensive items which I bought brand new at the shops to safeguard me, Late father warn me to start useing my cheque book.
    Because if a crime happens it can be looked back at yrs later

  152. Late Mr Lesley Jones my schoolteacher said to me he was very sorry for people like me, because everything disappeared before my eyes, you see it one day than the next day it all goes missing.
    And that is what my bother and sisters, do for me.

  153. My brother and sisters must now be well in the money with my stuff, to his day.
    The children at sutton-on-sea primary school used to call it lost repect because it disappears away from me.

  154. My late father gave me a special gift, when I was a child, it was a puppet, it was my first puppet, it was very soft and loveable.

    I bought years ago from the jumble sale large brick puzzle it had pictures on it, I seen something like it in a antique shop in Nottingham, it is in the shop at £1o-

    There was lots of other different toys too which always very collectable, even to this day, I could put 50 years on everything, I used to own, The whole lot went missing here today and gone tomorrow, years ago.

  155. I gave my late Mother my 30 large gold plated earrings which are all clip on,s. They be very fashionable today, I want my brother and sisters to sell them and share the money, I received no profit back yet.

    I had lots more toys from late families, they where all over 50 years old.
    Everybody got toys in my family so there was know need to get jeolous.

    My brother and sisters owe me big time, so I mention all the crimes they commited because they where not fair with me. I do honesty think money and greed goes hand in hand.
    I text my sister Janet, I heard brother George wants to take me to court, I said bring it on.
    I want Brother George to know the Normanton Police have a small note book with the meridian, girls in it and another witness the Meridian boss who wanted me to report the crime at the time, Late Mother put stops on me, to report it ,I think George got on at late Mother so she got scared of him.

  156. One of the girls at the Meridian was expecting a baby, from Phil Jones, she was only 15 years of aged.
    Her name was kelly.Phil Jones is from George Bennison gang. There was Mike McCrea Millionaire salesman in the gang too. They where all after young girls. yrs ago, I was comeing on 21 yrs or aged.
    Phil Jones was married with 3 children when he jump into bed with kelly.
    And George Bennison promise Jayne that he was into women,s safety, put it was all untrue at the time.
    Jayne complain later to my boss at the Meridian for what happen on our night out.

  157. My late parents bought me a toy I seen on T.V yrs ago, it was Mousetrap Game, they bought me it has a christmas present. That special toy went missing

  158. I know I got to make things stick, if people died I can lose my witnesses.
    I talk about my collectables to HRH Queen Eliz R II, yrs ago, I mention about my metal toys and about the metal spinning top I won at the fair in Sutton-on-sea, I was 5 years old when I won the metal spinning top.
    I even mention the Mousetrap game to her and I mention the whole lot of my collectables at the time.
    She know me has Susan Bennison, I went to Sarah Wilson,s birthday party years ago, the Queen should remember that really well.

  159. I told the Queen about a red white and blue boat, it was a metal boat, my late father bought me years ago, when I was at the paddling pool in Sutton-on-sea, It was very collectable.
    He mention if you bought alot of boats, it be worth alot of money, he said I could charge all the children, to use them on the paddling pool, and run it has a business.
    The Queen called it a royal boat because it is red white and blue.
    Late cousin John Bennison told me on his death bed that the red white and blue boat was at my brother George,s home, why do I not ask for it,I did asked for it and he turn very funny about it.

  160. A Blow up Donald Duck, late father bought me has a christmas present yrs ago.

    A toy to blow up balloons yrs ago.

    A toy you look in to and you see that the toy makes patterns.

    A plastic car.

    Toy Monkey playing the drums.

    A large book I bought from the jumble sale 45 years ago about cinderalla.

    On all my toys you can put 50 years on them.

    There where alot of my clothes and shoes dateing back until I was a child.

    I bought a large bag on a large boat going to france, when late father was around.

    My brother and sisters claimed the lot, and it was all my hard work, done on my own money from my late grandfather.

    A picture from the fair done with different paints, it maded a pattern, yrs ago.

    I say my brother and sisters steal all my items never consider on returning them to the rightfull owner, they might tell other people all my belongings belong to them, which it was all my hard work.

    Think why my ID went missing.

    I maded things stick when I told the Queen about all my belongings.years ago.

    I told the Queen incase one day in the future, I want to claim theses things back.And the Queen is still alife fit and well to this day.

    The whole of Sutton-on-sea yrs ago weight my family up, They all say they will take all my belongings and it will go on for years.

    I now want to make it stick because my family claimed everything and it is so unfair.

  161. I had a handy bandy book, years ago.
    I bought a leather hand bag for the enterprize jumble sale yrs ago.
    I had a magazine with words of all the songs lateing back to the 70,s.
    Magazines of all the artists on, top of the pops in the 70,s
    All theses things are old to this day

  162. I know financial problems have hit on, in my life from word go.
    Brother George Bennison used to go around with Millionaire salesman Mike McCrea Nottingham, years ago.
    I know Phil Jones was in there gang. I know stories about Mike McCrea and his gang, its all financial, they went with loose women for personal entertainment and there gains.
    Mike McCrea used to take strange women back to his appartment in nottingham, once George Bennison said to Mike McCrea that he would like is life because he was a lonely person, Mike said it would cost him a load of money because it is all to do with entertaining women which come at a price.
    Jayne Holmes and kelly my workmates From Meridian, coppice road, Nottingham, went to Mike McCrea deppartment years ago, My brother and myself witness what happen there. Kelly has just lefted school, she was expecting Phil Jones baby years ago, so something went off at Mike McCrea deppartment years ago.
    Kelly was underaged, I know and my Boss at the Meridian years ago wanted me to report it because it was a crime.

  163. I had Manuel problems in my life,when things turn out to be financial, it is time to get out of it.
    Its dangerous health warnings to do about money.
    Expartner Kevin Mulvaney, we both went joint on a house years ago, I hit on problems with Kevin Mulvaney it was all to do about money. Once the bailiffs came around to the house because the pole tax was not getting paid, the pole tax was in both our names. I went into my saveings to pay the bailiff,s off, to get them of our backs. I treated Kevin Mulvaney to lots of holidays and even went to the families cottage at Sutton-on-sea, years ago. we even went on lots of day trips with Skills travel.
    Than the solicitors got involved, I was not married to Kevin Mulvaney, we just lived together in our joint house. Kevin wanted me to sign the house over to him and give him £100,000, I did not have that sort of money to do that, so I went to a solicitor. I worried at the time I be homeless.
    Kevin Mulvaney paid for my half share of the house, so the house became his. Kevin Mulvaney cost me alot of money in legal fees and he defaulted in paying me £10,000, which was money he owed me from the house, I wanted Kevin Mulvaney to settle out of court for what he owed me, put he never did pay me back.
    Recently I found out Kevin Mulvaney been kicked out of his house, because he was not paying is bills.

  164. Graham Alexander Hughes Solicitor, expartner. I phone his mothers up, she lives in Maghull, Liverpool, I did this while I was with my expartner Kevin mulvaney, a different person answer the phone on the other side and said, nobody by the hughes name lives there, My late mother phoned this number and got the same answer. Kevin my expartner phoned and got the same answer.
    We all think that the Hughes family have lefted there home there and moved on.
    Recently I looked up Graham Alexander Hughes Solicitor, up on the internet, I found out that Graham Alexander Hughes worked from home, at his mothers address in Maghull,Liverpool, he was at his Mothers address in 2005. Than I found out now he works in Manchester, has a solicitor. All I think he moved on, in his life. He maybe married by now, I do know he is aged 67.

  165. My exhusband Abdelkader Belbina, he was a bit of a conman, he borrowed money of me and never paid me back. Once he was after me around Derby, he was after £5,000- of me, so I went to the Derbyshire Building Society, Normanton, Derby, to get the money for him, He certainly wanted the money, because he was going to take a married woman-is girlfriend a holiday to Spain for a 2 weeks holiday, while he was married to me. Than soon has he got back from Spain, he was after more money, he told me he run debts up to £42,500- on his credit cards. We had Bailiffs around to my home wanting the debts to be paid off, first they looked at my home in Derby, I told the bailiffs, you cannot touch my home, because I taken out a marital agreement before marriage. Not long after that, My exhusband got his Bri Passport, he moved on with his life, I went for a divorce to get my life back has normal.
    He did steal my belongings, which where women,s things, so he must of had someone else in his life.

  166. Not long after the divorce I change my name by deed pole, to safeguard my life and investments, I worried for so long, that my exhusband, would sue me, I but stops on him from doing this by myself changeing my own name to Susan Glenwood.

  167. I rented a flat with Kevin Mulvaney years ago, 44a Bath Street, Sneinton, Nottingham.
    The flat costed us £200- a month.
    Our next door neigbour pete law used to take drugs, at the back of our flat.
    While we lived there kevin used to work for British Telecom, I worked has a machinist.
    I remember when kevin went to work, I was going to have a rest in bed, the police came around to our flat, they told me if I did not answer the door they would have broken in, because they said there could be drugs in there, they asked me if pete lawson lived there, I said nobody by that name lives there, the police wanted to have a look in all the rooms in the flat. I said the only person by that name is Nigel lawson, who live in Downing St, London.
    The police harm down and lefted the flat.
    At first I was worried, what was going on, but they said it was a cause of concern because they think there was drugs in there.
    I did not mention someone next door was called pete law, because at the time, I did not want to cause him any trouble.
    I told pete law, that the police been around to our flat and they asked for pete lawson, they went to see if any drugs where there and I told pete law if it was you, it is a lucky escape for him.
    I did not report pete law, so I got no come back..
    Pete Law did not stay any longer at his flat, he lefted his flat and moved on.
    I told Kevin mulvaney about the police searching for pete lawson and thinking there was drugs in our flat.
    We both think it was our next door neigbour the police wanted.
    Anyway pete law soon lefted his flat.

  168. Kevin Mulvaney family where really nice,most of them been threw divorce.
    Kevin,s Mother used to be very nice, she used to go 5 holidays every year.
    kevin, step brother Gerald mulvaney divorce and remarry Ann Mulvaney.
    Matthew Mulvaney lived in London, his girlfriend moved on.
    Kevin auntie Janet Saywood married a divorce man.
    Emily Mulvaney, Gerald,s daugther is a nurse for the QMC.
    Ben Mulvaney, Gerald,s son.
    Stuart mulvaney, Gerald,s son.
    Gerald Mulvaney lives in Mapperley Park, in Nottingham.

  169. Kevin mulvaney late father used to work has a tailor at hornes brothers in Nottingham City Centre, Nottingham. Hornes Brothers closed down years ago.
    They kit out Nottingham forest with T shirts, years ago.

  170. John Rocha fashion designer.
    Yrs ago, I won a competition to see a John Rocha fashion show at liberty,s regent street, london.
    Myself & kevin Mulvaney stayed at the famous regent palace hotel in London, it is a 900 bedrooms hotel, one of the largest hotels, I ever stayed at in my life.
    It was a 2 stars hotel in London, it was a very old building.
    The famous regent palace hotel london was not far from liberty,s of london,at the fashion show we meet up with John Rocha after the fashion show, we had our photo,s taken.
    I bought a blue dress from a sports shop in london, John Rocha asked me now much was my blue dress, I told him, that it only cost me £15.00, in a sale.
    John Rocha said to me he did not like kevin mulvaney because he played up about the hotel we where staying at.
    John Rocha said I be ripped off by Kevin Mulvaney because its all to do about money with him.
    John Rocha said get rid of that man because he do me no good.
    It happen 30 yrs ago, when I booked a threw holidays to london.
    I said to John Rocha that kevin Mulvaney was a very heavy broozer &a very heavy smoker at the time. John Rocha said give plenty of photo,s out, of us together.
    At the fashion show, after the show kevin came out and said because I only paid £70.00 a night for the hotel, I should pay for a gift for John Rocha and pay a £100- for a bottle of aftershave, for him. I did not get around to do that in the shop.

  171. Bemrose and ling solicitors was the solicitors I went to in Derby.
    I went to Bemrose and ling Solicitors to deal with Kevin Mulvaney and when I divorce my husband Abdelkader Belbina.

  172. Gary Moore who sings the blues, at the Nottingham theatre royal, years ago, I meet him at the back stage door, I wanted him to sign my jacket, he asked me to see him on the coach, with the rest of his band. Gary Moore talk to me about my partner Kevin Mulvaney, he was outside the coach, Gary Moore took a dislike over Kevin mulvaney, he said he is a tall man, He said I will hit on problems with him, all to do with money.
    I did say kevin & myself got a joint house together, he said kevin would think he had a hold over me.
    I was very sorry when Gary Moore died in spain yrs ago.

  173. I remember John Pinner the landlord of the bath Inn Pub in Sneinton, Nottingham, he said kevin is after my money, there be one day it would be maded noticeable, he wanted a serious talk to me about kevin, we did not get around to have that talk because he died.
    John pinner hit on problems with his marriage to jill.
    He went to a solicitor to change is will he said to me, when he was alife, he gave is properties to his 2 children so his wife could not get hold of it.
    He did say he gave himself around £10,000, to his name, his wife at the time would think she would get more than that., when they divorce at the time.
    John Pinner said he played the system to move is assets to his children.
    John Pinner was a clever man, I sorry he died years ago.

  174. I did not think kevin mulvaney turn out this way, the same with my exhusband Abdelkader Belbina, everything worked on trust at the time.

  175. Late father used to say there is a dangerous side to men, where money is concerned, he is right in every word he said.

  176. My exhusband depanded money from me, I was out of work when this happen, my mother gave me money I gave it to my sister for safekeeping, my exhusband wanting over £40,000 from me I said I was skinted, so he lefted home, he could never afford to pay me back, because I hide money the benefit office was on my back, I kepted it quiet until I got my exhusband of my back.
    When I divorce my husband I asked my sister for the money back, than the benefit office was on my back, because they looked into what I got, I told the benefit office what I had because the bank told me to do that, to safeguard my back, and safeguard the banks back too.
    The benefit office wanted to see me about it, they could not do nothing because I had back up from the bank, the bank had to asked me about the money where it came from, for there own interests, the bank asked me to report it to the tax office or benefits office, so I reported it to the benefit office, so I had peace of mind.
    The benefit office tried all there best to do me, but they had no case, because I reported the money to them, I felt the person in the benefit office did not pass the messages on, so I maded a complaint about him, because of the serious matter.
    The years roll by, nothing came of it, because I was on the right side of the law, I asked the benefit office do I owe them any monies, if I do I will pay back.
    My exhusband was in debt at the time, he owed me £30,000, has well has he owed other people money too. I got peace of mind when I divorce my husband, it was a waste of time being with him.

  177. My exhusband Abdelkader Belbina came to england in a car boot, he came with no money. A bit like the people who lived in the jungle camp in europe.
    He go to places like Hyson Green, Nottingham & Normanton, Derby.
    Theses places are very rough places where poor people live.

  178. I remember going to see Rick Wakeman at Central independent television, with my mother and my exboyfriend kevin mulvaney and his mother on the 21st June 1990, seen Rick Wakeman at East Midlands television centre, Lenton lane, Nottingham.
    We seen Rick Wakeman and group after the show.
    When the show finish kevin Mulvaney drive his mother and my mother to a pub in Daybrook, in Nottingham, kevin mother and my mother desidered to walk home from the pub, kevin drive me home to Worksop Road, Sneinton, Nottingham, NG3 2BA.
    First went to the fish and chip shop on carlton road, in Sneinton.
    Than we went home to eat our fish and chips.
    Our neighbours reported us to the police, often for playing loud music, the neighbours where clock watching us, a policeman came around to my home because the neighbours maded a complaint about us.
    The policeman feel the car engine, to see if it was warm.
    It was, than kevin Mulvaney got arrested for drink & driving.
    Than Kevin Mulvaney needed a solicitor, so he went to see Donald Worsley solicitors, kevin Mulvaney went to court and he got done for drink & driving.
    Than the mortgage got into arrears so I received £5,000 from my mother to clear the arrears on the mortgage, kevin,s mother did not give kevin no money at that time, she said she was not going into the trust fund.
    Not much thanks from Kevin Mulvaney for my mother,s help, in 1990.
    Kevin and myself had to get rid of the yellow car so we sold it to my sister.
    Cath Antonia at no:15 Worksop Road, Sneinton, Nottingham, NG3 2BA, was a busy body, she took a great dislike over kevin Mulvaney, she watch him and time him.
    She knew he was a heavy drinker and a heavy smoker,
    kevin Mulvaney always complain about cath antonia,s dog making a noise all the time to the police and to the council.
    Kevin told myself and Julie and her husband, I wish to god, cath antonia, is neighbour ,was dead, Julie told me often when you wish for things, it would happen in real life.
    On grand national day Cath Antonia went to the co-op on carlton road, to buy a pint of milk, the newsagents opposite the co-op told me, what happen to my neighbour, she got killed by a hit and run at the bottom of worksop road, there was blood on the pavement where the hit and run taken place.
    The newsagents told me that i should get no problems from cath antonia, now.
    I did like cath antonia she was alright to me, but she did take a great dislike over kevin mulvaney.
    Kevin Mulvaney and myself went to Cath Antonia funeral which taken place in st ann,s in Nottingham.
    What kevin said he wish cath antonia dead , it came out to be true.

  179. Kevin Mulvaney and myself seen the very best of rock bands, Alice Cooper in 1989 in Birmingham international arena. Meatloaf 15-jul-93. singer Anita Harris, 3.6.97. Chris Tarrant at the landmark hotel in Marylebone, london.John Rocha at Liberty, Regent Street, London,WIR 6AH.Clothes show live friday 5th Dec 97. Rick Wakeman 1990.Bob Catley-Magnum, Rock city, Nottingham, 14.10.92, Magnum friday 29.9.95.
    Magnum Monday 18.4.94.
    Iron Maiden,at rock city,Nottingham, friday 2nd feb 1996. Bruce Dickinson, at rock city, Nottingham, 7th June 1996. The cosmopolitan show at Earls court 2, london, 27.1.96
    Seen Torvill & Dean at the Ice Stadium 27.1.98.
    Deep Purple, at NEC Arena 9.11.93.
    Kenneth Clarke,QC,MP, Nottinhgam,30.4.99.

  180. I meet Barry McGuigan years ago in Liverpool.
    We have a lot in common.
    Barry McGuigan, is a boxer.
    My grandfather is a boxer.
    Barry McGuigan parents rented a shop in Ireland.
    My grandparents owned a newsagents in Nottingham, years ago, called Bennison newsagents.
    Barry McGuigan parents had a large family.
    My grandparents had 5 sons.
    Barry McGuigan wife used to be a hairdresser, yrs ago.
    My Mother Vera, used to be a hairdresser, yrs ago.
    I read Barry McGuigan book, called leave the fighting to McGuigan by Jim Sheridan-The official biography of Barry McGuigan, I read it with great interest because I know the person.
    Now Barry McGuigan lives with his family in Kent.
    I talk to Barry and his mates years ago in Liverpool, we discuss what I was going to treat Barry too, in the future, because he is a boxer, I going to send Barry McGuigan a boxers belt and boxers gloves in feb 2017.
    I recently send him boxers festive christmas shorts.
    I sending Barry and Sandra and family a fruit bowl, which Barry & myself talked about years ago, they will receive it this christmas-2016.
    for Barry,s birthday, I send him grinding teeth mouth boxing Gum and a hand wrap in 2017.

  181. My exhusband Abdelkader belbina liked being called sam.
    He turn strange, he kepted himself to himself.
    He was in a gang in Derby.
    He mixed with the bigest of criminals, they all came from france & Africa.
    When the police got hold of some of them, they got send back to where they come from.
    My exhusband took me for a ride, he kepted demanding money of me, for his expensive lifestyle.
    He came from Algeria, he came to England in a car boot.
    He was after a Bristish Passport for permanent stay to england, extra money he got of me was a extra bonus.
    Behind my back he taken working women out, he pick them up from Normanton road in Derby.
    My exhusband did not have no savings to his name, so he spend my money what I gave him to treat working women for holidays to england and abroad.
    He always promise he pay me back because he was working in a permanent job.
    I felt he was a real conman, I heard he got money off other women while he was married to me.
    Bemrose & ling Solicitors advise me to get a divorce because of the large amount of monies Abdelkader Belbina wanted of me.
    He found a love nest to take is working women back there.
    When he used to get into debts he came back to me for more money, it was a very uncomfortable situation, to be in to, I gave my sister to hide my money I got from my mother for safekeeping.
    When he got money out of me he did a runner, so I knew our relationship was over, the divorce was my best move, to move on.
    He even steal my sexy clothing, to give is working girls.
    I did think he sold my things on ebay.
    He would sell my things behind my back, to make more money, its all to do with money & greed, which come into it.
    I felt when we where married he had a big hold over me, when we divorce, it was good luck to bad rubbish.

  182. Graham Alexander Hughes solicitor a exboyfriend, he lied to me about ,not liveing at his mothers house, I found everything out on line and notice he lives at his mother house in maghull, liverpool. And he still lives there to this day. He works for a solicitors in Manschester, near china town.

  183. I bought Graham Hughes mother small dolls for her display cabinet, years ago, his mother lived in Maghull, liverpool.

  184. At the building at the cricket grounds in Sutton-on-sea yrs ago, someone used stray paint on the building there and written a name, someone had to clean it off, someone accused me and katy for straying paint on that wall, we where only children at the time.
    Than at Susan Richardson bungalow someone used stray paint on all her stuff in one of her rooms, she tried to accused me of doing that, I did not do it, so I told her to go to the police to report it because its a crime, she told me she forgot to lock her front door.
    Years ago in Sutton-on-sea, I think people tried to set me up, for something I did not do.
    I told father about all this at the time.

  185. At Sutton-on-sea Primary school my sister clare got into fights there.
    I got into a fight because Jane Whitehead asked me for a fight at Sutton-on-sea primary school, by the way I beat the fight and she backed off.
    All because she told Miss Banks the schoolteacher that I did not wear no knickers, she told everybody this.
    I got told to go home. The head master packed Jane Whitehead stories for what happen,outside the childrens toilets. Jane Whitehead set up on me and said I was like my oldest sister, than she asked me for a fight, I know one thing she got the worst of it, she never tried it on again, I think, I scared her off.

  186. Than I went to Morris secondary school in Skegness, a girl asked me for a fight there, it was because I said I inherited money from my grandmother, she said her family where poor, I pulled the girls hair, she got the worst end of the fight, Trevor Twigg remember me fighting the girl at school, I told him to pack me up and he never did that because he did not like to get involved.
    He still remember this fight to this day.

  187. I no money drives people crazy, I no I hit on problems in my life, all money related problems, I had lucky escapes because I did not lose everything, I backed off.

  188. My grandmother told me the truth about Sutton-on-sea, she said its a health warning if it happens to me in life. the place is okay, its the people that have the problems. She said she wish father did not live there because it causes problems for is children. Different crimes happen in the place, there used to be only one policeman there.

  189. Jeannie Nicholson seen me outside Mr Clarke,s shop in Sutton-on-sea, when I was a little girl, Jeannie asked me what I have been buying, from the Jumble sale in Sutton-on-sea, I told her everything, jewellery to Metal toys, she said to me I might need her help one day in the future, if my items got stolen, see said she is law oblinging, she would talk to the police, to back me up, I told father that I told Jeannie what I buy with my own money. I bought second hand clothing from the jumble sale and children,s books, katy notice, theses things in my bedroom and I even ordered things from katy,s catologue.
    One old fashion second hand brooch, it had 0ne stone missing, it was a butterfly design, father think it could be 100 years old when I am a adult, when I was a adult I send it to auntie Doris because I told auntie Doris I wanted her to have this brooch to but towards her jewellery collection.

  190. Barry McGuigan I meet him in Liverpool yrs ago, I did tell Barry I inherited monies from my late families. plus I received heirlooms from them too.
    I told him most things about my brother and sisters where stealing bassards.
    It was to do with entitelments from my own family.
    I had more to tell Barry, my mother was with me when I seen Barry, so I did not mention it because it was private talk.

  191. When I was married to Abdelkader Belbina, he came back home with glitter on his face and clothes.
    One night he came home with blood all over his clothes he had a black eye, he was holding a kitchen knife when he came in the front door, Abdelkader went to have a shower to clean all the blood away, he throw the clothes he was wearing in the dustbin, he said out of sight out of mind, I asked him where all the blood came from, he said he got into a fight, he nearly got into trouble, I said to him I should phone the police, Abdelkader told me not to bother, becauses he said people are after him, they are after money or they kill him, I did think someone else got it worst than he did.
    Than Abdelkader friends say to me, my husband is having a double life on my money I, was giving him.
    Abdelkader friend and myself went to Bemrose & ling solicitors, because abdelkader,s friend wanted a serious talk about the double lifestyle, my husband is leading.
    One night my exhusband went to hospital because he had problems with his penis, when he, we we it caused him alot of pain,the doctors taken a exray of is penis. He did not stay over night in hospital because he was too scared he got operated on.

  192. I feel it is a lucky escape I had, when I divorce my exhusband, what I say is the truth about Abdelkader.
    Ben, my exhusband,s friend stayed with us for 2 weeks, the police was after him, to send him back to africa.
    My exhusband was dealing with fake passports, to sell on the black market.
    My exhusband was dealing in large gangs in Derbyshire.
    My exhusband had drugs on him, to use on young girls, I got told.
    I did notice Abdelkader Belbina leads a double life while he was living with me.
    I got a horrible smell from my exhusbands below, which should not of been there in the first place.

  193. I told my doctors in Derby about my exhusband,s horrible smell below, they say it smells of dirty liveing, so I had to be carefull of him, so I do not catch anything of him.

  194. My father & grandmother used to say some men are dangerous where money is concern, even Susan Richardson said the same has them because she said it happen to her, she been there.

  195. Kevin Mulvaney was very greedy, I had only £25,000 in investments, which was tied up in different shares, Kelvin Henderson solicitor said. Kevin did have no savings he maded sure he spend the lot, before he acted on what I had.
    People weighted kevin up, Gary Moore famous guitarist, Stephanie Beacham actress, John Rocha famous fashion Designer, Chris Tarrant Who wants to be a millionaire.
    John Rocha, kevin played up about the Regent Palace Hotel, london, a 2 stars hotel in london.
    I think the Regent palace Hotel in London is a very beautiful building, it is a 900 bedrooms hotel, it is one of the largest hotels I ever stayed at, the hotel was every old fashion.
    It only cost me £70.00 for a double bedroom for one night stay, 35 years ago.
    John Rocha talk to me about kevin Mulvaney, he was very serious about it.
    John Rocha said kevin was only interested in my money.
    I never forgiven kevin about it to this day.
    I stayed away from kevin when I moved to Derby.
    I promised kevin I would share my interestments with him, so it would not go to court, that would of been £12,500, oo each, that never happen because he wanted to take me to the cleaners.
    If he taken it, he might of saved the house he was liveing in, in the future.
    We used to have a joint house together, he defaulted on paying me £10,000, so he got away with that money, I moved on and bought a house in Derby, I soon found another man who tried to take me to the cleaners when I married him.I did take out a marital agreement before marriage.
    When I divorce Abdelkader,it did but stops on other monies of mind going to him
    Theses mistakes are a very big lesson to me and I keep learning.
    Abdelkader Belbina did walk away with £30,000 of my money, when I divorce him, I never seen this money again.
    Abdelkader lived a double lifestyle, he owed money on his credit cards, he got into serious debts, he owed £40,500.00. The Bailiff,s came around to demand him to pay them back this money.
    They could not get money back from my house, I was unemployed at the time, the marital agreement was a lifesaver to me.

  196. I never seen Kevin Mulvaney again after I got ripped off, I even paid his council tax for him and at that time it was called poll tax. The solicitor held that when kevin is skinted he would stay at is step brothers home in mapperley park, Nottingham, because hes got a spare bedroom in his very large house.
    Abdelkader Belbina my exhusband ripped me off for £30,000, he always promise me, he would pay me back this money and never did, I even gave Abdelkader my bank card details so he can pay me back in small amounts. I always feel he lived a double lifestyle while he used to be married to me.
    Abdelkader did take a married woman away on holiday abroad to spain for a 2 weeks holiday, on my expense.

  197. My mother Ethel Vera Bennison, I found the place of her birth in Edinburgh, Scotland, it is 96 Viewforth, Edinburgh, Scotland, the 2 bedroom flat is still there to this day, the building is still there, it would cost £12,000- a year to live there.
    My grandfather is Ernest Maxwell Nicholls, he was in the advertising consultant.
    My grandmother is Evelyn Clara Nicholls-m.s Massie.
    It is somewhere I can go to celebrate my family.
    When father moved to Sutton-on-sea, he went to live a quiet lifestyle, maybe it was good for my parents, it was a very lonely life in winter for me and my brother and sisters.
    There was not much work going in Sutton-on-sea, you do save money because it is a village.

  198. My Grandmother: Evelyn Clara Nicholls,maiden name Massie.
    Birthplace: 21.8.1892.
    26 Pilrig Street,Edinburgh, Lothian,EH6 5AJ.
    Now where grandmother is born, it is a guesthouse called Acorn Lodge Bed and Breakfast.
    Khwaja Akbar Mir.
    Tel No:01315551557.

    Church my grandparents got married December 1920.
    Pilrig St Pauls Church of Scotland.
    1 B Pilrig Street, Edinburgh, HE6 5AH.
    Tel No; 01315531876.

    Grandfather- Ernest Maxwell Nicholls-Advertising Consultant.
    6 Coates Crescent,
    EH3 7AL.
    Now the house is a Asa Recruitment..

    My Mother: Ethel Vera Bennison maiden name Nicholls.
    Birthplace, 3.12.1921.
    96 Viewforth,
    EHI0 4LG.
    2 bedroom flat.

    My Auntie Doris Muriel Jackson maiden name Nicholls.
    Birthplace, 14.2.1923.
    51 Queens Avenue,
    EH4 2DG.

    Grandmothers parents: William Massie and Catherine Massie-m.s. Mckinnon.
    Lived at 26 Pilrig Street,
    EH6 5AJ.

    Grandfather, Ernest Maxwell Nicholls-parents Frank George Nicholls-Joiner Master and Hetty Nicholls m.s. Richardson.

    My Uncle and Auntie got married on the 20.11.1948.
    Allen Jackson Aged 30.
    Doris Muriel Nicholls Aged 25.
    At Craigmillar Park Church,

    Allen Jackson,s parents home.
    71 Scotby,

    Doris Jackson parents home.
    26 Esslemont Road,

    My parents got married in Edinburgh, Scotland.
    Frank Bennison and Ethel Vera Bennison maiden name Nicholls.
    Married on the 8th July 1952.
    At Craigmillar Park Church,

    Grandmother,s, parents got married on the 7th June 1881.
    William Massie and Catherine Massie maiden name Mckinnon
    At 1 Princes Street,

    William Massie lived at 240 Leith Walk,
    Edinburgh, Scotland.

    Catherine Mckinnon.
    36 Balfour Street,
    Edinburgh, Scotland.

    Frank Bennison and Ethel Vera Bennison.
    Wedding Reception was at the George Hotel Edinburgh.
    Now the hotel is called the Principal Edinburgh.
    14-21 George Street,
    EH2 2PB.
    4 star Hotel.
    Tel No: 01312251251.

    Grandmothers parents, parents names is: Andrew Massie-Dock Labourer and Margaret Massie m.s. Green.

    This is my scottish family background history, it has taken me 50 years to found this out.

  199. Abdelkader Belbina had a very large knife, he went out ,one night, years ago, he said he was being blackmail, I told him to go to the police, I think most of the money I gave my exhusband, went to the people who tried to blackmail him, he taken this large knife, which was a kitchen knife, out with him, he came home in the early hours of the morning covered in blood, he said he killed the people who blackmail him, I felt it was just a joke at the time, so I did not report it to the police.
    He had a shower to get rid of the blood and he let light to his clothes which was covered in blood in the back garden , at the derby house, All my exhusband told me at the time he had a acciddent.
    He had a large black eye, which it looks alike he been in a fight, he was covered in blood, I think he got rid of the large knife in the derby river.
    I told David opposite my house in derby, I told mostaff, the tunisian man and I told people at direct wines, warehouse.
    police treated people, just like idiots, so it did not go any further, I think they threw something about the issue, Money changed hands and large gangs got involved, the money was mind I think my exhusband was investing the money for a rainy day, there is more to meet the eye..Because my exhusband was going out with Normanton Road, Shopliftters, the shopliftters where in on it too.
    My ex was dealing with all kinds of rubbish people of the streets, he was a muslim man, my exhusband he came to England in a carboot and maded to one of our cities in England.
    Mostaff was dealing in stolen goods in his flat in derby, he tried to sell me a old video camera, I said no, because I do not deal in stolen goods, I like to buy my things from the shops.
    One day mostaff waited outside one of the shops in Normanton, waiting for the shopliftters to meet him, I was there has a witness, Mostaff bought stolen childrens clothes for his 2 children, the shopliftters told me if I wanted anything from the shops, I said I needed nothing from them.
    Mostaff did not go to work at the time, he was unemployed.
    I think Mostaff was in on things too, with Abdelkader Belbina, Mostaff tried being one foot ahead of my exhusband at the time, he tried to get my exhusband into trouble with the police.
    People say now, I married a very awefull man, who mixed with allsorts of rubbish, he even steal of me at the time, all because of money.
    My exhusband started to smell awefull just alike the homeless people of the streets, we call it low life.
    He started feeling sorry for Normanton women who lived of the streets, they took drugs and do things for money, they called it easy money to make, it is mixing with low life, even that I was not bought up that way, just not stop me to have a look at the low life, lifestyles and there way of life.
    Now it just comes to show us now lucky I am to get away from the low life.
    I call it now a lifesaver, just to get away from it.

  200. I meet my exhusband from staffsign recruitment, I worked with my exhusband in Grantham, Lincolnshire, we worked at a warehouse, working on mixed veg. I remember a fat man called Chris, he knew my exboyfriend Kevin Mulvaney. Chris worked at the came warehouses has me in Grantham, yrs ago, Chris now lives in Daybrook in Nottingham.
    My exhusband was with his mates looking at the naked women in Sunday Sport, he said he was not like that, a dirty man.
    His mates loved sunday sport, they bought that paper every week, they had condoms alls over my exhusband flat, his mate said that my exhusband was giveing his next door neighbour one, my ex said I had no proof, I was takeing what is mate said has proof.
    I told work friends at Moore large what happen at my exhusband,s flat.
    They did think it was not fair on me, if it is true it is a healthwarning, they warn me to get out of it.
    It buys freedom back, which it is more valueable than money.
    Workmates told me try to catch my exhusband red handed and I did, I caught my exhusband with a very young girl, who looked underaged.

  201. I remember my exhusband run out of 55 church street,Normanton, Derby with a kitchen knife, the kids where playing football on the road, childrens parents came around to my house complaining about my exhusband getting on at the children on the road, with a kitchen knife.
    I knew it looked very dangerous because my exhusband had a threatening weapon, in his hands.
    The police would of arrested my exhusband on sight, because it happen on church street, Normanton, Derby, outside on the road.

  202. Sutton-on-sea, I was a teenager, going out with katy mcnamee she used to be my best friend in the village.
    I remember katy,s boyfriend called Richard Pickford, he was a very nice person, his mother bought a house on the corner in the park in sutton-on-sea, Richard came to sutton-on-sea to get away from city life, is mother used to let the house out in the summer season, when it was not let out richard had a holiday there.
    Richard Pickford lived in Nottingham, near the newstead abbey and the hutt pub, years ago in our teenage years, I wanted to talk to him about my family background, he know my family, with coming to see us. I lost contact with richard pickford, I do not know is address in Nottingham.
    Life roll by, he might be married with children by now.
    The last time I seen him is when I went to his neck of the woods, in Nottingham, the hutt pub.
    He mention in his local area in Nottingham, there is a swimming baths, I must visit.
    Now for some years my brother George Bennison lives in Linby village, I never visit the place yet.
    If I spelled richards name right please contact me because, I need a serious talk to him about our teenage years, richard had a friend called paul, his mother had a large bungalow near the playing field in sutton-on-sea years ago, he lived in the same area in nottingham has richard.
    paul knew my father.
    Richard Pickford if you read this on the internet please contact me, my email is:
    Richard Pickford you remember me has Susan Bennison when I lived in Sutton-on-sea.
    lost touch completely. I got married in 2003 and divorce in 2009, I changed my name by deed pole to Susan Glenwood, I now live in Arnold, Nottingham.

  203. My exboyfriend Kevin Mulvaney default in paying me £10,000, for the joint house in Sneinton, Nottingham. The years roll by, Kevin be aged 59 this October 2017.
    Kevin,s Mothers house in Arnold, Nottingham was up forsale at £124,950-
    Kevin Mulvaney lefted 17 Worksop Road, Sneinton, Nottingham, NG3 2BA, in April 2017 to live at 44 Wilmington Gardens, Nottingham, he now lives with Lou Gordon aged 65. Kevin Mulvaney was very upset when I found out his new address.Suppose Kevin Mulvaney wants a clean break, put kevin owes me £10,000. I feel that kevin tried to do a runner and forget about the past.
    The funny thing, I used to no a man called Alan, he lived at a flat at Wilmington Gardens, Nottingham, years ago, I think he stayed at the same address has kevin Mulvaney and Lou Gordon, it is a small world.
    I know the flats at Wilmington Gardens fetch £70,000.
    The council tax is grade A, £1,234- every year, on Wilmington Gardens flats.

  204. Abdelkaderkader Belbina- liked being called Sam.
    He owes me £30,000- he now lives in Sinfin Derby.
    There is a film called, The terrorist nextdoor, you can get it on DVD.
    This film remind me of my exhusband, it is about a Algerian Man.
    Abdelkader relations live in france, nr paris.

  205. Abdelkader my exhusband had fake passports, it really does remind me of the terrorist nextdoor. Abdelkader and his hidden promises which never happen.
    He had 4 different names and he had 4 different name on his bank accounts.
    Abdelkader send money back to his family in Algeria, it is a third world country.
    Abdelkader steal my metal clock, which a special friend gave me it, before he died, I think Abdelkader maded a small bomb out of it, he was so twisted minded, nobody believe me,what I say.
    I reported Abdelkader to the police on different occassions and is friend reported him too.
    Once Abdelkader went to london to see is terrorist friends, it was a same time has a bomb went off on a bus in london, I told musa at work with direct wines, that my exhusband who is a muslim went to see is terrorist friends in london, same time has a bomb went of in a bus in london.
    Musa warn me to go to the police to report Abdelkader Belbina, it felt strange he went to see is terrorist friends in london same time has a bomb went off in a bus in london.
    I took Musa advise and I did report it to the police, at the time, police took no notice of what I said at the time.

  206. Abdelkader is heartless, with no feelings, he spend money like its gone out of fashion, he did not spend it on me . I heard he went to nightclubs with is muslim friends and pick up young girls, where I used to be at home wondering what problems he was getting up too.

  207. I did no abdelkader Belbina was blotting something with is muslim gang in derby, they had bomb makeing materials, which they bought from a hardware store in Normanton, Derby.
    Nuts, blots, broken glass and clocks and nails, and different oils and clothes and a switch which is a light fitting switch, bits of wood pieces, police would,nt believe me the first time round, so why should they believe me the second time round.It went unrepported.
    I never think they do things like this because it is england, I kepted to myself, than my exhusband reported me to the police about funny little things, which where untrue.
    Abdelkader Belbina pomise me £30,000 because he borrowed money of me, he said I would get interest on my money, which I am due too, because I was married to him and he would pay me for the british passport for permanent stay to england. Once he got is british passport he did a runner.

  208. Nigel Burton boss from Staffsign Recruitment knew Abdelkader Belbina ,liked being called Sam, Nigel warn me to be very carefull of Sam, Sam worked for Staffsign Recruitment under a different surname.
    Sams wages would of been paid in another surname, account.
    At first I trust Abdelkader Belbina, he builted trust in him before I got married to him, than he taken me for £30,000- I now feel ripped off by my exhusband Sam Belbina.
    He always promise to pay me back, I could,not believe he was only interested in a british passport, to stay in the uk, he was a very heartless man after he got what he wanted.
    I send my bank details to the Belbina family, Sam never paid nothing back to me, after he got 100% support,from me..

  209. John Rocha fashion Designer gave me the very best of advise going, over 30 years ago, about Kevin Mulvaney, John Rocha said kevin Mulvaney was only interested in my money.
    I told John Rocha, Kevin Mulvaney was a very heavy broozer and a very heavy smoker, all his wages go on his bad ambits. John Rocha took a great dislike over kevin mulvaney.
    John Rocha warn me, where I would like to profit from my hard earn money, with kevin I would lose my money.
    It was very serious advise,John Rocha said he was deadly serious about this issue, about Kevin Mulvaney.
    Over 30 years on ,John Rocha was very much right in what he said. I did lose money in legal fees and kevin defaulted in paying me money he owes me, I lost £10,000 with Kevin Mulvaney.
    Kevin Mulvaney turn out to be a very heartless man.
    I would like to thank John Rocha for is valuable advise, he warn me, not to go all the way with kevin Mulvaney.
    Kevin Mulvany, I treated him to beautiful holidays and day trips, even kevin stayed at the family cottage in Sutton-on-sea, years ago.

  210. Sam Belbina Derby- I found him a very horrible man, when I went to Tunisia I found out I was paying for everything, because my exhusband was skinted, I gave my ex money to treat is father to a hotel they ended up sleeping in the car overnight.
    my ex never paid me no money back, I went to work I could never profit from anything where my ex was concern. He always promise he pay me back plus interest.
    He borrowed altogether £30,000, I never seen that money again from my ex.
    Another thing he did not like paying the council tax, I ended up paying the council tax in full, he never offered me nothing, to pay the council tax.

  211. Charles Cavendish & Gary the van Driver for Staff line Recruitment, Charles Cavendish used to be the manager for the Staff Line recruitment, yrs ago, we talked about kevin mulvaney not paying the pole tax for a threw yrs & the bailiffs came around for the debts oweing, kevin mulvaney at the time, did not tell me nothing about it, I think things where running smoothly, put not.
    I did pay kevin mulvaney my half share of the pole tax, it was not getting paid.
    It was alot of money oweing in pole tax, in thoses days and it was in joint names.
    The bailiffs written a list of household items, what they can sell in auction,it did not cover the true cost, for what needs oweing. I saved up money for a threw years and the money, just about covered the pole tax.
    We would of been taken to court if the bailiffs did not get paid.
    It really came has a blot out of the blue and it came has a great shock at the time.
    I told Charles cavendish & Gary the vandriver for staff line recruitment everything about kevin mulvaney did at the time, charles said kevin turn very dangerous where money is concern.
    It means kevin got out of paying the pole tax, it means kevin walked of with a threw thousand pounds, behind my back.
    At the time before the bailiffs came around, I bought kevin 2 loud speakers for his record player, which run me into alot of money at the time.
    All I no, kevin told me at the time all the bills are cleared, it was untrue.
    I maded it that kevin owed me a threw thousand pounds at the time.
    I had to clear the bill with the bailiffs because I would of been in trouble too, the bill was in joint names. after that life just moved on .
    Charles Cavendish at staff line said, do not forget about that, because kevin walked away with the money, which he should of owed me one.
    I should of walked out on kevin mulvaney, yrs ago, because I was taken down, I lost some savings, at the time.Funny things happen threw the years, which was unforgiveable of kevin mulvaney.
    Hidden problems came, one after another, put life moved on.
    The years rolled by, we moved on like nothing had happen. When I came into money, problems started again, kevin came very demanding where money was concern, we did go the very best of holidays in the uk and the channel islands.kevin mulvaney spend all his money, so he could get lagel aid, in the future, he played the system, he threw what he could get away with.
    kevin mulvaney cost me in legal fees and he defaulted on the joint house, he owed me £10,000, he never paid me this money back, to me.
    It feels today that he played a game, until the end.
    There is a system to be played & kevin mulvaney playedit. Than my exhusband Abdelkader Belbina came along and he plays the system too, on my money.
    Pole Tax is now called the council tax.
    I want things to come out into the open, now and come clean.

  212. Abdelkader Belbina ex husband did not like, to pay the council tax, he is another man who disagreed in paying the council tax. I ended up paying our council tax, to put us in the clear.
    He never thank me for paying this, if it was up to him we would of ,both end up in court.

  213. Has long as I no kevin Mulvaney he disagreed in paying the council tax, kevin is criminal minded, my exhusband Abdelkader Belbina is criminal minded and Graham Hughes is criminal minded.
    They all love ripping women off for there hard earn money, they never see the money again, theses are called aweful men, I kicked them aside, and walked away before it got any worst.
    I married a aweful man called Abdelkader Belbina, he taken a married woman abroad and had a love affair with her while he was married to me. I got advise to divorce him, from Bemrose and ling solicitors, Derby,
    he taken me for £30,000-he never paid me back he was heartless, he did a runner and walked out on me, so I had to end it, once and for all.
    Kevin Mulvaney owed me money for the council tax, I ended up paying for his council tax years ago, it run into a threw thousand pounds he owed, I never see nothing from kevin for the council tax.
    They looked at women has a soft touch.

  214. Neil brooks used to work for Staff Line Recruitment when I used to work there, we worked in Grantham, Lincs, at the potatoe factory, Kevin Mulvaney worked there too.

  215. In Sneinton, years ago when I was in my 20,s, 2 men set up on kevin Mulvaney outside the white lion pub, Kevin would not fight them, I got in the way, they hit me and I fell to the ground, I knew one of the men, his nick name was peanut he used to work for Bruce Thorpe at a textile factory in Sneinton.
    Kevin lefted me for dead, someone shouted my name than I got up, I had blood coming from my mouth, someone phoned the police, I went into the white lion pub, to the toilet to clean myself. I reported the man called peanut, to the police, he went out with the landlords daugther at the duke of devonshire pub in Sneinton.,years ago. I told little georgie at staff line about the fight outside the white lion pub, I think at the time it was the talk of the place.
    The 2 men seen me on the ground, they took a photo of me, than they walked away, kevin never lay a finger on them, even that I look hurt on the ground.

  216. There is another rubbish man called Matt Hill, he worked for a school in Derbyshire in 2010, he tried to bad name me and he took a great dislike over me, I think he was a pen pusher. He complain to a recruitment agenty about me, I only work for him for only 3 hours.
    I know Matt Hill tried to make things stick, after I worked for him, I taken early retirement, I live of my own investments, I did not care what Matt Hill called me, after I retired.
    I could not speak to the agenty again after Matt Hill bad name me.
    I know life goes by, I could not forgive or forget what Matt Hill did ,at the time.

  217. If I can turn back the clock, I would,nt of worked for Matt Hill.
    But it all down to lifetime experiences, it all is a learning curve, he did not like me from word go.

  218. At the church, I lefted beautiful flowers, in Derbyshire, in the local area, Matt Hill worked at the school.
    I did not really want to see that funny man, Matt Hill again.
    Glad I did not live in the same area has Matt Hill.

  219. I bought a DVD on the terrorist next door, it is based on a true events, of the planned attack on Lax airport, starring Micheal Ironside, Chris Martin, Kathleen Robertson, the film reminds me of Abdelkader Belbina lifestyle, Abdelkader is a muslim from Algeria, Africa, My exhusband deal with fake passports and drugs, he like nightclubbing too, he liked picking young girls up from nightclubs in the derbyshire area and Nottingham too. My ex like mixing with large Gangs, they where all muslim,s..
    Even my mother said to my ex, that she could see he was up to no good.

  220. I had to buy the film about the terrorist next door, because it is about my exhusband Sam Belbina, even he send our hard earn money to all his families abroad, because they came from a third world country. I protect myself with a marital agreement and safeguard my home.

  221. Kevin mulvaney could not save money, to safe is life, he tried is best to get money out of me.
    I now no. the way he lives at Wilmington Gardens, Nottingham, with is new partner.
    The block of the flats looks so cold around there, I take a risk to go around there because I no the place is very rough. I remember a man called Alan used to live in one of the flats at Wilmington Gardens, he invited me and my sister to go to his flat for a cup of tea, years ago. Alan did not like to live there, he looked around for new home to live, in Nottingham.
    I remember Alan said Wilmington Gardens is handy to go to the bookies.

  222. Kevin Mulvaney played up so much I wanted to leave him and live my own life, I hit on another problem I got married to a algerian man called Abdelkader Belbina,he had no money to, his name.

  223. At first Kevin Mulvaney wanted to go joint on a second home, I did not do that, I bought another house on my own money at the time.
    I bought it because I felt a change in my relationship with kevin Mulvaney.

  224. Kevin,s Mother lived in a very nice house in Arnold ,Nottingham, kevin lives in a flat at Wilmington Gardens, You cannot help put look at the lifestyles. Kevin stepbrother live in Mapperley hall drive, Nottingham, Kevins other stepbrother lives in London dealing with the antique business.

  225. Abdelkader Belbina liked being called SAM, lived at 55 Church Street, ,Derby, DE23 6QT. than lived at 2 Cope Close, Sinfin, Derby, DE24 9RZ. than to this day live at Kintyre Drive, Sinfin, Derby, DE24 3JZ.

  226. Abdel at no.53 Church Street, Normanton, Derby, DE23 6QT, used to work where my exhusband worked in Derbyshire, Once my exhusband wanted to fight someone at the workplace, he did not fight this person at the workplace in case he got the sack, my exhusband follow the other man he wanted to fight with in his car, all the way to Derby. Next thing the police landed up on my doorstep wanting a word with my exhusband, about him wanting to fight this other man, Abdel knew about what happen at there work place, Abdel used to be my next door neighbour. My exhusband wanted Abdel to back him up, Abdel did not want no involvement whatsoever, Abdel told the police that he wanted no involvement, because he wanted to keep is job, it was at a car warehouse, they pack car parts, there. Abdel wanted to keep out of my exhusband,s problems. Abdel knew my exhusband owed me £30,000, Abdel told the workplace that my exhusband owed me £30,000.

  227. I think greed got into things with my ex,s, they borrowed money, of me and had no intention in paying me back.

  228. Kevin Mulvaney spend all his savings, so he can get legal aid, he knew I had money tied up in stocks and shares and I was going to work, to get a weekly wage.

  229. I could not get legal aid because my investments of £25,000, maded me that I was not entitled to it, at the time I was willing to share my £25,000 with kevin Mulvaney, he would not except the offer, he wanted the house, he wanted me to sign my half share of the house to him and he wanted £100,000, I did not have that in savings at the time, I offer kevin £12,500, so it would not go to court, he would not except it because he think he would get more of my money. He default on paying me £10,000, off the joint house, it cost me in legal fees, so it taken most of my savings at the time.
    Kevin had no money to his name.
    Threw out the years myself and kevin went beautiful holidays and we stayed in nice hotels.It was myself that paid for all the beautiful holidays.

  230. My exhusband Abdelkader Belbina said he was not interested in my money, he threw I was entitled to £30,000 out of Kevin Mulvaney. When I was married to Abdelkader Belbina, he was getting very demanding where money was concern, I was working too. I protect myself by getting a martial agreement signed, to protect my own house, my exhusband had no savings to his name, he did have a permanent job, he was earning £16,000 per a year. I think alot of money was going to his families abroad, he was treating his families to beautiful gifts has well, his families came from a third world country which is Africa.
    If I know now, I would not, of married my exhusband because he caused me worry and stress.

  231. Abdelkader Belbina told my mother he pay me nothing towards living expenses because I own my own house. My marriage went down hill fast, after that.

  232. Mike Redgrave told me years ago that kevin Mulvaney leave is bungalow homeless, he said kevin had no savings to his name, mike Redgrave told me I would take on all kevin problems, kevin did have alot of bad admits.

  233. Mother told me to be carefull of kevin Mulvaney, I really did not no much about him at the time, Mother said my freedom was worth more than Kevin mulvaney. Kevin Mulvaney had some wild ways about him.

  234. Mother said kevin Mulvaney was only interested in my money.
    I got a large file to prove it, when things went to court, it was about both our own backgrounds.
    I could of sue, kevin mulvaney, My Solicitor kelvin Henderson said, At the time I could not find a solicitor for me to sue, Kevin mulvaney, so the years roll by and I let it go.

  235. Donald Worsley Solicitor was kevin mulvaney,s solicitor, when he got done for D and D, outside our home in Sneinton, Nottingham, years ago, all our neighbours on Worksop Road, set kevin Mulvaney up.
    Cath Antona, kevin wish her dead, has time went by cath got killed by a hit and run driver at the bottom of Worksop Road, Kevin and myself went to her funeral in St Anns,Nottingham, yrs ago.
    Cath dislike kevin Mulvaney,s ways at the time.
    Lease Kevin Mulvaney got what he wish for.
    he told Pete and Julie, Pat Parot family, What he wish for about Cath Antona, our next door neighbour, wish her dead. Julie said often wishes come true, and it did come out to be very, true years ago.

  236. Its like you wish something and it happen, it certainly happen to our neighbour Cath Antona at Worksop Road, Sneinton, Nottingham, years ago.

  237. Someone who helps people who write there stories about Sutton-on-sea,
    Sheffield Novelists Group,
    57 Hawksworth Road, Walkley,
    Sheffield, S6 2WF.

  238. I had the chance, of buying 2 coast guard cottage, Station Road, Sutton-on-sea. I let it slip by.
    There is one woman who is nice to my face and stab me in the back, when my back is turn, I will not mention no name, she used to take the piss out of me,years ago, I did not like it. she used to be married to a schoolteacher, years ago, she divorce the schooteacher and got married to a local man they run a shop in Sutton-on-sea, firstly they where my parents best friends.
    My father wanted to keep the coast guard cottages in my families name, the reason I did not buy it, was I did not want to see this woman, when I would use the shops, on the High Street, everyday, in Sutton-on-sea.
    I feel she gossip about me and call me names to the local people of Sutton-on-sea.
    People retire to Sutton-on-sea for a peaceful and quiet lifestyle, they do not like stress and worry.
    I often think about my childhood in Sutton-on-sea.
    Grandmother said if Sutton-on-sea does,nt workout, I could always retire in scotland because my mother was born in Scotland, Grandmother said that to me when I was a child, in Sutton-on-sea.

  239. My father and myself talk about holiday home ownership, years ago when I was a teenager, it is about golden sands holiday home ownership.
    Address: Golden Sands Holiday Park,
    LN12 1QI.
    It is about giving something back to family and friends.
    I never did it because I had manuel problems which cost me a load of money.

  240. I told kevin Mulvaney about my plans about butting my money in a holiday home ownership, yrs ago, I told kevin I had £60,000- to go towards a holiday home at golden sands in Mablethorpe. Kevin had no savings to his name, he had a very good job with Bri telecom.
    My plan did not happen because kevin Mulvaney got into too many debts, he even had police involvement.
    Kevin had a criminal record to his name.
    He had problems with is heavy drinking and heavy smoking.

  241. Andrew Richardson, mate Morris got into allsorts of trouble, he meet Morris at Sutton on sea playing fields, I had to hide in the long grass there, I felt they where planing something together.
    Morris attack me near my family home, lucky my brother in law, ken Towler came on the scence, ken said we should call the police, Mother said no, we do not want to upset my grandfather, because he was staying at my family home at the time.

  242. Susan Richardson,s boyfriend was at her bungalow years ago, I went to knock at her door, her boyfriend answer the door and he frog march me out of her place and out off the gate he told me not to come back there again and i remember him saying good ridence to bad rubbish, he was in a right mood, he shouted he does,nt want me to see Andrew Richardson again. Than I heard Susan Richardson was going to marry her boyfriend and move to Mablethorpe to live, her partner is a farmer.
    Andrew Richardson got a stepfather.
    I told father the problem I had with Susan Richardson partner, Susan was going to marry a farmer from Mablethorpe.

  243. What ever happen to Andrew Richardson families they did not want to see me again. Andrew Richardson said everybody gets divorce in his family and he does,nt like it. I did nothing wrong from word go.
    We all moved on in our lifes.
    Nobody listen to my side of the stories at the time.
    I was only too happy to move away from Sutton-on-sea.

  244. Whatever went wrong with the Richardson family rubbed on to Jeannie Nicholson family.
    They where my parents best friends and I no they are ken Towlers families best friends too.
    Sutton-on-sea was a gossip place at the time.

  245. I tried my best in later life to make it up to the Nicholson family, I send the Nicholson family a large print of the beach, from Argo,s. Argo,s delivered it to knick knacks Antiques Sutton-on-sea.

  246. Sutton-on-sea is a small village, gossip soon flies around, It is a quiet peacefull place to live, it is more of a retirement place.

  247. Raymond loveman is a name that comes to mind, I think he is related to the Mcnamee family, years ago he worked at a car park in Sutton-on-sea opposite the corner cafe.

  248. George Maxwell Bennison, I never hardly seen my brother while I was growing up, he lived at my fathers house in Nottingham.
    When my father died all my things disappeared out of my bedroom at Sutton-on-sea, I think brother George is gay becauses all my dresses went, he must like colour pink. I did notice a real change in brother George, in his ways, things with dates like receipts disappeared anything with my name on them disappeared.
    Brother George started to dress has a woman, he was wearing make up.
    He would not fit into my clothes because he was not my size, it must of upset him.
    George Maxwell Bennison was wild at heart, he asked women at the Bacchus hotel in Sutton-on-sea, for a date, they said he was not there type.
    Dad said to George there was other women, he can get around, Dad said try night clubs, that was when father was alife. George Bennison was always a funny person, he loved money, it had to be alot of money so he can treat women to a beautiful time.
    I think Brother George is a very greedy person, he likes greed.

  249. Andrew Richardson, years ago, it is over 50 yrs ago, in Sutton-on-sea, we where in Susan Richardson,s, back garden at her white bungalow in Sutton-on-sea.
    We went into a garden, which at the time, Andrew Richardson said it belongs to nobody, it was next door to Susan Richardson,s back garden.
    Andrew Richardson and myself walk around the wild garden, which Andrew said it belongs to nobody.
    Than because Andrew Richardson said the garden belongs to nobody, myself & mother walked into Susan Richardson,s, back garden, we walked across to the wild garden, which Andrew Richardson said it belongs to nobody, a man walked out of his property and said to mother and myself, this is private property, we should,nt of been there, the man was very moody, we said we are very sorry , to harm the man down.
    The man said to me maybe one day I might want to buy his property, I do remember the property to this day.
    It is a bungalow on Broadway in Sutton-on-sea, on the market at £120,000, now the bungalow has a garage beside it.
    I have to remember it because it is my childhood.
    Momories of the past going back over 50 years.

  250. I remember Andrew Richardson & myself builded a wooden building maded of wooden sticks, in Susan Richardsons back garden at Sutton-on-sea, years ago.

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