Merrie Meade Guest House

Merrie Meade Guest House Skegness

Chris Booth told us that his family had owned the Merrie Meade Guest House in the Seacroft area of Skegness and asked us if we could find out more about it.

Luckily, we managed to find an old advert for the Merrie Meade in the 1971 Skegness holiday guide (picture above), and can reveal that at this time the establishment, now being holiday flats, was owned by Mr and Mrs Frank Alfred Langton. The premises constitute number 143 Drummond Road Seacroft Skegness. Mr and Mrs Langton went on to buy the land which is today named Langton Court, off Burgh Road, Skegness.

The picture below is of the rear of Merrie Meade as it stand today.

As the frontage of Merrie Meade, as appears in the 1971 Skegness Holiday Guide, backs onto the sand dunes, we endeavoured to transverse the scrub to reach a suitable vantage point to secure a photograph.

After being whip-lashed by thorny gauze and stung by nettles, we managed to snap the picture below. It seems that today Merrie Meade is a private house.


0 thoughts on “Merrie Meade Guest House

  1. This was the holiday destination for my parents & I during the 1970s. It was paradise to me then. Shame about the garden now.

  2. Mr Giles lived here just afer and possibly during the war. He was collector of Archaeology and had trays of flint arrow heads and the like.

  3. Sorry about a mistake in the above reply. Mr Giles lived at the house next to Merrie Mead called Syne house at the top of Syne Avenue.

  4. Thank you so much for your valuable comments, Graham, much appreciated and they are certainly enriching our knowledge of Skegness.

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