New Footpath to St Clements Church

Source: Skegness Standard 1932

At the last monthly meeting of Skegness Council that body approved the application of the Rector for the loan of concrete slabs to make an approach from Grosvenor Road to St. Clement’s Church.
The Rector’s application followed similar requests made by Mr. Percy Rowe (Verger of the Parish), the owner of the land, to whom residents and visitors are indebted for this convenient approach to the Old Parish Church and burial ground. Mr. Rowe had previously carried out on his own initiative a very pleasing improvement on that side of the Churchyard, in bridging the dyke and constructing a concrete footpath through the belt of shrubs and flowers with which he has transformed and erstwhile unkempt piece of land.
The slab footway links the new footpath with that of Grosvenor Road, a short distance beyond the bridge, and already many residents have expressed great appreciation of the facility of a clean and convenient approach to the Churchyard. Probably many other Skegnessians are unaware that the improvement has been effected and all such will be particularly interested in our photograph, which shows St. Clement’s Church in the left background.
We might add that while the public will have the free and unrestricted use of the path, the right-of-way remains the prerogative of Mr. Rowe, as the owner of the land.

st clements new path


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