Jolly Fisherman Winscale Postcard

Newspaper article review

The story below is valuable in our historical research as it illustrates how the use of the emblem of Skegness, the Jolly Fisherman, has been used in many advertising campaigns. Also about the history the Jolly Fisherman copyright.


A picture postcard showing the Jolly Fisherman on a gray, contaminated beach with radio-active sludge dripping from his boots has drawn a protest from Skegness Town Council who own the copyright.

Called a Dodo Doomsday Card, it shows a nuclear reactor in the background and carries the wording ‘Winscale (sic) The fallout is SO bracing’. On the back it says ‘This is one of a set of shock-horror postcards taking a sideways glance at topics of universal concern to mankind and other nonsense’.

Standard editor, Mr Gordon Collins bought one in Stamford and passed it to the Mayor, Coun Harold Bayes, who showed it to the Town Clerk, Mr Pat Bayley.

Mr Bayley wrote to the firm responsible at Tunbridge Wells, drawing their attention to their unauthorised use of the Jolly Fisherman and informed them that the town council owned both the original painting and the copyright.

As he could find no record of the firm having sought permission to use the Jolly Fisherman emblem, Mr Bayley said the town council would be grateful if they would cease production of the postcard and write confirming that they had withdrawn it from publication.

He received a reply stating that when the postcard was first produced three years ago, the company were totally unaware that any copyright was involved. Production had ceased some months ago and, apart from stock already in the shops, no more would be sold.


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