Mayor Welcomes Grandson of 1884 Local Board Councillor back to Skegness

90-year-old Mr Herbert Noel Crawshaw, son of four-times Skegness Mayor, Coun Joseph Crawshaw, and grandson of Joseph Crawshaw, a member of the first Skegness Local Board, and whose name is inscribed on the Skegness Clock Tower, has recently spent a week’s holiday in his hometown, Skegness.

Mr Crawshaw, or ‘Bert’, as he prefers to be addressed, who stayed in one of the larger hotels in Skegness with his wife, Dreene, contacted us about a year ago through our website, and has since sent us lots of information about Skegness and many photographs.

Bert very kindly invited us to take tea with him and his wife during their visit, at the Crown Hotel on the penultimate day of his stay in Skegness.

The Mayor and Mayoress of Skegness, Coun Neil Pimperton and Coun Rita Pimperton, went to meet Mr and Mrs Crawshaw, along with a number of other town and district councillors. The photo left records the occasion:

(L to R) Mayor of Skegness 2007-2008, Coun Ken Milner; Mayoress of Skegness, Coun Rita Pimperton; Mayor of Skegness, Coun Neil Pimperton; Coun George Saxon; District Coun John Byford; myself, Angela Gooch; Mr Herbert Noel Crawshaw and Mrs Dreene Crawshaw.

Picture below: Mr Herbert Crawshaw, Mayor and Mayoress of Skegness, Coun Neil Pimperton and Coun Rita Pimperton.

Picture below: Mrs Dreene Crawshaw, Angela Gooch and Mr Herbert Crawshaw.

Picture below: District Coun, John Byford; Mayor of Skegness 2007-2008, Coun Ken Milner;Mrs Dreene Crawshaw; Angela Gooch’ Mr Herbert Crawshaw; Mayor and Mayoress of Skegness, Coun Neil Pimperton and Coun Rita Pimperton and Coun George Saxon.

Photos above by Paul Gooch.

A special thank you to the Mayor and Mayor of Skegness, and Councillors Ken Milner, John Byford and George Saxon, for the warm welcome they gave to Bert and Dreene, and helping to make their visit to Skegness a memorable one.

Bert, who now lives in Surrey, joined the RAF in 1939, and to this day actively keeps in touch with his former comrades. He told us: “Last Sunday I was invited to unveil a Memorial Tablet to one of my RAF Battle of Britain chums (who went into the clouds in January) at The Purfleet Heritage and Military Centre.
The Chairman of the Centre then said a few words about myself and much to my surprise invited me to ‘pull the cord’ hanging between some of my photographs which revealed an appreciation tablet.” The picture below shows Bert and his wife Dreene at the Purfleet Heritage and Military Centre.

Mr Crawshaw is also a keen photographer and is a member of the Royal Photographic Society.

His 1937 Dufaycolour photographs have recently been featured in the RPS magazine (left) and on the Royal Photographic Society’s website.

More about the Crawshaw family history in Skegness

Bert “Joe” Crawshaw Battle of Britain Memorial


0 thoughts on “Mayor Welcomes Grandson of 1884 Local Board Councillor back to Skegness

  1. Angela
    This is FANTASTIC, very many thanks.
    I am going to see if I can e mail a copy to the colourgroup.rps,org website
    Last week I gave Dawn a copy of the 1937 family photo that I sent you some months ago, I also went to No 10 and left one for Mr Smith who was unavailable- have a look next time you go.

  2. Angela
    It is July 1st today amd I am rather disappointed that none of my 1930’s Magdalen College School chums have clicked onto the site and said “Yes I remember this rascal” or words to this effect!!
    Surely I am not the only Skegness 1917 born man around?
    Happy days Bert

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