St Clements College Art Skegness Train Station

Collage Art Students Paint Murals at Skegness Train Station

news story date 6th April 2006
The local St Clements Collage art students were painting murals at the railway station in Skegness.
Skegness Video went along to see how they were doing.
We caught up with Sue Hartland who is an arts teacher at the college and asked her what was happening.

St Clements College Skegness art teacher

Sue told us that they have two groups of students, year tens and sixth form, painting murals about Skegness at the train station. St Clement’s College were contacted by the railways who asked whether they were interested in doing this project. The art project will also be part of the students’ level two BETEC vocational art examinations.
The students worked on the project over two days, under the watchful eye of the Jolly Fisherman, the mascot of Skegness.

Jolly Fisherman Skegness train station

Their designs were all connected with the seaside resort of Skegness and included the sea, boats, the Clock Tower, ice cream cornets, a guitar and much more.

The art students first sketched their designs on the canvas then started painting them in acrylics
These two students were painting a picture of the clock tower…

Skegness clock tower art train station

Finishing touches to a ferris wheel in an amusement park.

St_Clements_art (1)

When the project was finished, Skegness Video went to the railway station to ask what people thought of it.
Hannah and Alice, visitors from London, said the paintings were brilliant, really colourful, brightening things up and making a big difference!

Holidaymakers Skegness railway station

The St Clement’s students were a cheerful bunch, full of character and very helpful. We are indebted to them for contributing to Skegness’ history and making our town a touch brighter!
They are certainly a credit to St Clement’s College and to Skegness!

Images of the Students and their Artwork


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