Lifeboat Week

local news story date 29th July 2006

It was Lifeboat Week from 24th to 29th July 2006.
Lots of fun events were organized in Skegness to raise funds for the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution).

A model of the Skegness Lifeboat was on display outside the Hildreds Centre in Skegness.

As part of the Lifeboat Week mock rescues by the Skegness Lifeboat of a yatch, a jet ski and Dino the Dinasaur, mascot of Skegness Pier. The rescues took place off Skegness Central Beach.
The offshore lifeboat was launched when Coxswain John Irving fired a distress maroon from a yatch.

Skegness lifeboat mock rescue

Central Beach was packed with holidaymakers looking on (above)
Crowds of holidaymakers and residents were watching from the pier.

Crowd of people on Skegness Pier

The lifeboat started its engines and raced off to the assistance of the ‘distressed yatch’, Will O Wisp.

Skegness lifeboat mock rescue

Skegness lifeboat mock rescue


Skegness lifeboat mock rescue

The offshore lifeboat drew close to the yatch…

Skegness lifeboat mock rescue

…the lifeboat threw a line across to the yatch.

Skegness lifeboat mock rescue

The crew of the ‘distressed yatch’ were then safely transferred to the lifeboat and the yatch towed home.

Skegness lifeboat mock rescue

Skegness lifeboat mock rescue

A jet ski was also in ‘distress’ (just another day in the life of the Skegness Lifeboat!)

Skegness lifeboat mock rescue

The rider of the jet ski signaled his distress and was ‘rescued’ by the inshore lifeboat crew.


Skegness lifeboat mock rescue

This was certainly an unlucky day!
Dino the Dinosaur, mascot of the Skegness Pier went into the sea on an inflatable dinghie. The wind kept blowing him further out to sea and he couldn’t get back.
Luckily, a lifeguard spotted Dino and sent the inshore lifeboat to rescue him.
The lifeboat man told Dino he should NEVER, NEVER go into the sea with an inflatable unless his Mummy or Daddy is standing on the beach holding onto the inflatable by a rope.


Skegness lifeboat mock rescue

Dinos head was apparantly successfully rescued.
But what happened to Dino’s body?


Skegness lifeboat mock rescue

If anyone sees a huge green furry thing floating about in the North Sea, please contact the Prehistoric Dinosaur Department – telephone number 1000000000BC

Duke of Kent visits Skegness Lifeboat Station

Skegness Lifeboat Launch


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