Skegness Lifeboat Launch Video

Skegness Lifeboat crew

The Skegness branch of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution was scheduled to perform a launch exercise.

Skegness Video went to have a look!
Both the onshore and offshore lifeboats were to be launched so we were in luck.

Arriving on Skegness central beach, we saw the lifeboatmen and asked one of them what was happening.
John Irving, ALB Coxswain and mechanic (above), told us that sometimes the tractor which pulls the lifeboats down to the sea gets stuck in the sand, so they were practicing freeing it.

The rescue team then returned to the lifeboat station to commence the launch of both boats.The inshore lifeboat was checked over.
Then both boats were transported down to the sea.The crew launched the offshore boat then the smaller inshore lifeboat.

We were told that the lifeboat station was expecting a visit from a new prototype lifeboat later that afternoon.
The prototype is to be evaluated by various lifeboat stations across Britain. The results will determine whether or not the new design will be put into use.

On our return to the lifeboat station, we were allowed to go up into the station’s observatory tower to take some photographs.

This is the prototype lifeboat…

prototype lifeboat Skegness sea

It was well offshore and quite difficult to capture by camcorder.

inshore lifeboat Skegness off shore lifeboat Skegness inshore lifeboat Skegnessoffshore lifeboat launch Skegness

inshore lifeboat launch Skegness

RNLI Crew List:
John Irving
Ray Chapman
Ian Johnson
Richard Watson
Andrew Epton
Brian Porter
Michael Abbott
Mark Holley

Duke of Kent visits Skegness Lifeboat Station

Crew scrambled for emergency callout


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